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Guy Received A Text From Unknown No & Gave A Smart Reply, Lost His Job At The End


Guy Received A Text From Unknown No & Gave A Smart Reply, Lost His Job At The End

Whenever we receive a message from an unknown number, we respond by asking “who is this?” and believe us, this is the safest way to handle such situations. However, a person with the Twitter handle @SznVibes decided to respond in another style when he got a text from an unknown number and then found himself in a tricky situation.

This is the text that he received from an unknown number and look how he responded:

Well, that may have been a perfect reply to any Tom, [email protected] and Harry but that message was sent by his boss and he came to know it when the Boss sent another message:

He declared on Twitter:

And we agree, completely!

Instead to using his own mind and handling the crisis in the best possible manner, he took to Twitter and asked the users to tell him what to do:

Twitter gave some ideas, some cool and some insane, as well as expressed their views over what happened and who the guilty was:

Well, @SznVibes didn’t reply to his boss and it didn’t go well as the boss responded for discussing the terms of employment with him.

He didn’t respond to that as well and just showed up on Friday to see what would happen:

Twitter was asking him about what happened and then he told them that he was jobless but it was not because of this goof-up but for the reason that he earned quite good with his music.

He may not have been serious about the job but guys, you should be careful if you receive any message from an unknown number.

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