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Guy Shares Funny Script For Neeraj Chopra’s Biopic Ft. Akshay Kumar & Kiara & It’s Damn Interesting

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Guy Shares Funny Script For Neeraj Chopra’s Biopic Ft. Akshay Kumar & Kiara & It’s Damn Interesting

Neeraj Chopra, the Indian track and field athlete who made the country proud by winning the Gold medal in Javelin Throw at the Tokyo Olympics has become a household name now and his fan following has increased manifold in last few days. After he won the Gold medal, a debate started as to which actor would be more suitable to play the athlete’s role in his biopic. In fact, Neeraj Chopra was also asked this question and he put forth two choices – Akshay Kumar and Randeep Hooda.

Well quite interestingly, a Reddit user has now written Neeraj Chopra’s biopic and it certainly has all the masala that a complete entertainer needs. He has chosen Akshay Kumar for playing the lead role while the female lead is being played by Kiara Advani and Gajraj Rao portrays the character of Neeraj Chopra’s coach.

The movie starts with some boys playing cricket in a village in Haryana, a big six is hit by the batsman and the ball gets dropped in a field in which a young boy is working with his father. The boys ask the kid to throw the ball to them but then they try to stop him, saying that it will never reach them. However, the kid throws the ball and stuns everyone by hitting the middle stump.

All this is noticed by an athletics coach (Gajraj Rao) who decides to follow the kid and sees him hitting mangoes on the tree with stones and throwing bricks after which he gets convinced that the young kid is special and needs training. Gajraj Rao somehow manages to convince the kid’s father for getting him trained. Other kids at the training academy make fun of his poverty but after seeing his ability to throw Javelin, they stop making fun of him.

After that, the movie takes a leap and Akshay Kumar comes into scene; he is not only a national level Javelin Thrower but also employed in the Indian Army. One day he sees that some goons are troubling Kiara Advani, Akshay saves her but before they both could interact, he leaves for his practice.

However next day during an Army function, he sees Kiara sitting next to commanding officer which makes him understand that she is the daughter of the commanding officer. Soon they both fall in love but Akshay makes it clear to Kiara that for him, winning the Gold in the Olympics is the highest priority so he can’t commit to her. She shows support and promises to wait till he wins the Gold.

Akshay participates in many competitions and wins everywhere but then war with Pakistan starts and he decides to go on the border despite the fact that everyone tries to stop him as he is a medal prospect but he chooses to go and fight as there is nothing more important than fighting for the country. In the war also, he uses his Javelin to take lives of enemies but he gets so much injured that doctors tell him he will never be able to throw Javelin in his life.

However, Akshay never loses hope, tries to recover from injuries and soon he starts playing again. He goes to the Olympics where he gets competition from evil German guy who makes fun of him and Indians by calling them weak. As Akshay performs well in qualifiers, the German guy sends some member of his contingent to harm him but Akshay beats everyone and he also gets helped by the Indian hockey team.

On the big day, Akshay gets the news that the farms of his father have caught fire, he is tense but his coach makes him realize that he needs to perform as his country needs it. He wins the Gold and everyone celebrates.

Here you can find the original script shared by the Reddit user:

[SATIRE] Here is the Neeraj Chopra biopic. from india

This is quite funny, isn’t it? It will be interesting to see how Neeraj Chopra or Akshay Kumar reacts to this script, if they do.

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