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Hamdard Pakistan Offers Help As Rooh Afza Shortage Hits Indian Market During Ramzaan


Hamdard Pakistan Offers Help As Rooh Afza Shortage Hits Indian Market During Ramzaan

The holy month of Ramzaan has begun and the favourite rose flavoured drink ROOHAFZA is identical with iftaar when Muslims break their day-long fast.

In the mid of summer and Ramzaan Roohafza has almost disappeared from the Indian Market. Creating a humongous crisis for the Indian Muslim as every year during the holy month of Ramzaan Roohafza is widely consumed.

The news on the shortage of the rose flavoured drink has created quite a buzz on Social Media.

Makers of Rooh Afza syrup Hamdard Laboratories recently released a statement and said the company is going through a shortage of herbal ingredients which is the reason for the shortage of Roohafza in the Indian market.

Mansoor Ali Chief Sales & Marketing Officer of Hamdard said they are currently facing supply limitations of certain herbal ingredients. We wish to fix the demand-supply gap within a week.

There have been rumours that there has been a rift in the family of Roohafza’s founder regarding the control of the company. The great-grandson of Abdul Majeed and his cousin Hammad Ahmed. Ahmed had lodged a complaint against Abdul regarding a legal dispute which led to stalling of the production.

But later Mansoor Ali dismissed all the speculations saying ‘The speculations about the rift holds no truth and is nothing just rumours’.

Hamdard Laboratories Waqf Pakistan has extended their hands to supply RoohAfza and RoohAfzaGo to India during the Ramzaan month.

Well, the only thing we know summer is here and we need RoohAfza to operate during the hot days and our Muslim friends need it to break their fast. Take a glimpse on how Twitter is reacting :








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