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Happy Birthday Mario, 10 Life Lessons That Mario Taught Us


Happy Birthday Mario, 10 Life Lessons That Mario Taught Us

I guess everyone must have played or heard the name of Mario, one of the most popular Nintendo game. In fact, many can recall it as the game which made them quietly sit in front of Television sets with gamepad in hand.

Its amazing that our childhood hero Mario who used to battle with dragon for the sake of saving princess is turning 30 on 13th Sept 2015.

So lets look back in time and share those moments which Mario taught us which we can relate to our life.

1. You will face many tough situations in life. Keep trying no matter if you fall in a pit once in a while. Get back on your feet because you know you can achieve what you strive for.

Mario 01

2. Failure and heartbreak are all part of your life. Until you experience it, you’re never going to learn. So just like Mario, learn from your mistakes.

Mario 02

3. We may face many challenges in life just like Mario does from various characters. Learn to keep moving forward.

Mario 03

4. Do whatever it takes to chase your dreams. But never give up.
Mario 04

5. Many people will come across you in your life. But it is upon you to decide and judge who is worthy of you or who is perfect for you. Some of them will also hurt you. But you just have to move on.

Mario 05

6. No matter with how many dragons you have fought with or at what stage you are in your life. One day you will definitely find your princess.

Mario 06

7. Time and tide waits for no one. So act right now.

mario 07

8. Money is an important thing in life. But don’t miss out those moments just to earn more. Eventually you are gonna embrace the memories not the money.

Mario 08

9. You might fall in dark places at times and it would take a lot to come up from there. Just believe in yourself and try to come out of it no matter how many tries it takes.

mario 09

10. Just like it takes Mario to go through many castles to get to his princess. You also might have to go through many doors to achieve your goal. Keep chasing it, Be a Super Mario.

Mario 10


We would like to wish Super Mario Happy 30th Birthday and thank you for making our childhood awesome.

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