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Hardik Pandya Got Trolled For His ‘Struggle’ Of Sleeping For Just 7.5 Hours Due To Training


Hardik Pandya Got Trolled For His ‘Struggle’ Of Sleeping For Just 7.5 Hours Due To Training

The Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya made a great comeback after being away from cricket for a long period of time due to his injury. First he led his IPL team Gujarat Titans in an impeccable manner as GT won the IPL 2022 in its debut season and now he is performing superbly in ongoing 5-match T20I series against South Africa which is taking place in India.

The Gujarat cricketer has been lauded by not just cricket fans but the former cricketers as well and few of them are of the opinion that he should be the next captain of the Indian team after Rohit Sharma retires. Hardik Pandya has certainly worked very hard on his game as well as on his fitness in the past couple of years and has answered critics with his performances. All this has happened because Pandya Junior led a much disciplined life but presently he is getting trolled because of one of his interviews in which he talked about his sleep schedule.

Hardik Pandya tried to prove a point by saying that for four months he used to sleep by 9:30 pm and get up by 5:00 am in order to get trained. But what online users found funny is that Hardik Pandya sounded like Bollywood actress Ananya Panday who got mercilessly trolled for talking about her struggles in an interview.

It all started when the snippet of this interview was posted by an online user:

“No one knows what I went through the six months that I was off. I’ve gotten up at 5 in the morning to make sure I train. I slept at 9:30 the night for four months. I always worked hard in my life and it has always given me the result I wanted.”

The online user posted the snippet with the caption, “Struggling to see the ‘struggle’ in a 7.5 hour sleep schedule, but filing this away in the list of ‘elite athlete struggles’ that currently contains Yastika Bhatia’s forsaking of chicken biryani.”

Many online users pointed out that the 7.5 hr schedule that Hardik Pandya is trying to call ‘struggle’ is a normal routine for athletes and it is nothing extraordinary about which he is bragging. Soon people started trolling the cricketer for his statement and for overhyping his sleep schedule:

The online user who posted the snippet also responded when some online users came in support of the cricketer and stated that it is not easy to live such a disciplined life:

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