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Harry Potter Birthday Song In The Tune Of A Bhajan Has Left Twitter In Splits


Harry Potter Birthday Song In The Tune Of A Bhajan Has Left Twitter In Splits

For the kids of today, Harry Potter may be just a character from a book or movie but for the kids of 90s, Harry Potter was an important part of their childhood. The Harry Potter series comprises of eight movies which are based on the books written by J. K. Rowling and all the flicks were superhits; needless to mention that the books were quite a hit among the book lovers.

Harry Potter has a huge fan following and his fans love to celebrate the birthday of their hero which is on July 31. This year, the wizard from Hogwarts turned 39 and a little strange birthday song which was sung for Harry Potter got viral on the Internet and social media.

This birthday greeting song was sung by Anuya Jakatdar and Sharin Bhatti, the two hosts of the show Books on Toast. It was titled as “Happy birthday Harry Potter” and what made it a little different was the fact that it was sung on the tune of a Bhajan. Books on Toast is a show which is focused on the discussions related to reading books.

Books on Toast shared this video last year under the hashtag #HarryKaJanamdin. The tweet read,

“#HarryKaJanamdin ka Bhajan.

Books on Toast presents a special bhajan on the occasion of #HarryPotter and @jk_rowling’s birthdays. We sang this live yesterday, however, here is a recorded version for your enjoyment.

Sang by:

@sharinbhatti & @anuyeaah”

Here is the video:

Click here to watch the video directly on Twitter

Anuya Jakatdar shared it a couple of days ago on the micro-blogging site:

We are quite sure that it will make you go ROFL but a word of caution, don’t let the kids listen to it.

Twitter went crazy after hearing the song and here are some of the selected reactions:













How did you find it? Let us know.

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