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Hasin Jahan Said Shami Wants 2nd Marriage. He Gave Her A Reply She Will Never Forget


Hasin Jahan Said Shami Wants 2nd Marriage. He Gave Her A Reply She Will Never Forget

The Hasin Jahan-Mohammed Shami controversy went through many ups and downs and saw even the ugliest phases. Needless to say, Shami had to undergo a lot of stress which eventually affected him on the professional front as well.

From making accusations of extra-marital affair and sharing chat screenshots to filing a case against the cricketer and his family, Hasin Jahan brought all the insult for Shami. However, she could not produce evidences to prove herself right.

Now she is back with one more statement and that too, a very strong one. Hasin has lately claimed that Shami is all set to get married for the second time after Eid. Not only this, she also alleged that her husband offered her money so that she gave him divorce.

Here’s what Hasin said,

“Shami wants to marry the sister-in-law of his elder brother five days after Eid and that’s why he has offered me money and asked for the divorce.”

Shami is quite shocked to hear this and has straightly denied all the accusations, saying that he has already suffered a lot for marrying Hasin and would not want to make his life troubled again with the second marriage.

Here’s what Shami told XtraTime,

“I am in much trouble due to my first marriage. Do you think I am mad that I will marry another girl?”

He continued,

“Hasin has brought a lot of allegations about me in last few months and this is an addition to that. That’s good, then I will invite her to be present at my second marriage (laughing).”

Well, that’s an epic reply from the cricketer! What do you say?


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