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Hater Blamed Abhishek For Manmarziyaan’s Failure & Asked To Start Vadapav Stall. His Reply Is Epic

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Hater Blamed Abhishek For Manmarziyaan’s Failure & Asked To Start Vadapav Stall. His Reply Is Epic

Anurag Kashyap’s “Manmarziyaan” starring Abhishek Bachchan, Taapsee Pannu and Vicky Kaushal has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons for some time. Three scenes were deleted from the movie following a protest from the Sikh community who found them objectionable and offensive. In one of the scenes, the bride was seen engrossed in the thoughts of her ex-boyfriend while coming out of Gurudwara with her husband while in the remaining two, Sikhs were shown smoking cigarettes.

Even though the film couldn’t do great in terms of box-office collections, all the stars were appreciated for good performance. Taking a jibe at not-so-good earnings, a Twitter user slammed Junior Bachchan and held him responsible for making the movie a flop. He also raised the much-debated topic of nepotism and indirectly advised him to start a Vadapav stall.

The user shared a screenshot from a news portal with caption,

“#Manmarziyaan tanked at box-office, once again proving @juniorbachchan to be legend with amazing ability to make good film a flop! Kudos to his abilities, not many have it!

It time to end #nepotism and for #StarKids to start #Vadapav!

#Stree proves #TalentCounts!!”

Abhishek has a good reputation for giving savage replies to trollers and he blasted the Twitterati in the most humble way in a series of tweets.

In his first tweet, he requested the user to study facts and figures and learn the economics of movies prior to making any statement.

The tweet read, “With all due respect kind sir, I would expect an esteemed doctor such as yourself to study all the facts and figures before proclaiming anything. I certainly hope you do so with your patients. Learn the economics of the film before you tweet something that will embarrass you. 🙏”

In his second tweet, Abhishek stated that owning and running a Vadapav stall is a dignified business and all the Vadapav owners will agree with him.

He wrote, “And for your kind information ( and I’m sure all vada pav stall owners will agree) there is great dignity in owning and running a vada pav stall. It’s called dignity of labour. Try not to be so patronising about another professional. We are all doing our best.”

In his last tweet, the “Refugee” star gave an apt reply to the troller’s nepotism remark.

He tweeted, “And to end with…. One of the actors in the immensely entertaining Stree happens to be a “star kid”. Have a good day and here’s hoping you spend more time on being the best doctor you can be instead of trying to be and industry analyst! Coz as you said #TalentCounts”

Well, we must say that there couldn’t be a better reply and Abhishek just won it like a boss!

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