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Hater Slammed Sania & Said That She’s Not An Indian. Sania Shut Him Down Like A Boss


Hater Slammed Sania & Said That She’s Not An Indian. Sania Shut Him Down Like A Boss

The whole country is grieved and furious because of what an 8 years old girl went through in Kathua, which is near Jammu.

8-yr Asifa was kidnapped, sedated and gang-raped before being murdered brutally by the group of culprits that also included police officers and a teenager. As per the chargesheet, before the killer was going to kill the girl by hitting rock, a police officer asked him to stop so that he can rape the girl once again.

There is a huge uproar in the country over this matter. Many celebrities have come out and demanded justice for Asifa and Indian Tennis player Sania Mirza is one of them.

Sania Mirza took to the micro-blogging site Twitter and condemned the unfortunate incident in harsh words.

She tweeted, “Is this really the kind of country we want to be known as to the world today?? If we can’t stand up now for this 8 year old girl regardless of our gender, caste, colour or religion then we don’t stand for anything in this world.. not even humanity.. makes me sick to the stomach”

A Twitter user Kichu Kannan Namo (Twitter handle: @Kichu_chirps) slammed Sania for this tweet, saying that she got married to a Pakistani man and hence, she’s a Pakistani. He even went on to say that Sania is no more an Indian and if she wants to tweet, she should comment on the terror attacks by Pakistani terror groups.

The tweet read, “With all respect madam which country are you talking abt.Last time I checked u had married into Pakistan. You no longer are a Indian. And if u must tweet thn also tweet for the innocents killed by Pak terror outfits..”

Sania was in no mood to keep mum and tolerate non-sense. She gave it back to the Twitterati with a perfect reply and wrote, “First of all nobody marries ‘into’ anywhere .. you marry a person! Secondly NO LOW LIFE like you will tell me which country I belong to.. I play for India, I am Indian and always will be.. and maybe if u look beyond religion and country one day you may just also stand for humanity!”

Now that’s called a kickass reply! She shut the hater like a boss and we love her reply! What about you?

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