Hater Trolled Varun Dhawan For Wearing Cheap Underwear. Here’s What He Replied!

Varun Dhawan is one of the most dynamic Bollywood actors at present and even though he has not achieved big in the industry so far, he has a huge fan following, thanks to his wonderful acting performances and dedication.

Comparisons have often been made between him and Salman Khan and what adds to it is his love for exercise and workout. Fortunately, “Judwaa 2” makers preferred Varun Dhawan for the lead role which was portrayed by Salman in “Judwaa”. Varun has done a lot of hard work for the film and it’s apparently visible.

Recently, the actor took out some time from his schedule and moved to Budapest from where he shared a very hot pic of himself, showcasing his abs and muscular body!


He tweeted the photo with caption, “#varuninbudapest. Been training hard for this. Stunts, thrill and love”

There were many who trolled the actor for his underwear of Lux Cozi brand, which is clearly visible in the pic! Check out some reactions:

So down to Earth!

Fully elastic fully fantastic:

Free ad:

Gone are the times when celebs used to tolerate trolls without reacting, as modern era celebrities have time and again proved that they know how to handle haters and trollers in the best way.

A user tried to insult the actor by tweeting, “Sasti chaddi pehente ho bhai…”

Varun calmly replied, “Bahut comfortable or affordable hain bhai raja ko pasand hain.”

Haha, he’s essaying the roles of Raja and Prem in his upcoming movie Judwaa 2. Raja’s character is poor while that of Prem is rich; this is why Varun has related this “Chaddi” to his Raja’s character.

Fans loved this reply and slammed the troller in tweets:

He rocks, no matter whatever he wears:

None of your business:

First achieve something and then pass such comments:

Your thoughts are cheap:

Nice statement!

Well, Varun is definitely looking very sexy and fans couldn’t control excitement after seeing him in such a hot avatar:

Temperature intensified:

Reaction of girls after seeing this pic:

Your dedication and hard work will surely have a positive result, Varun!

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