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HATS OFF – Flipkart Offers Great Incentives To Retain Female Employees


HATS OFF – Flipkart Offers Great Incentives To Retain Female Employees

The career of women takes a halt after they decide to enter motherhood. And, coming back to business can be difficult at times, when you have to manage between a toddler and grown-up toddler at office. In India, especially where still many companies do not even provide maternity leave and hesitate to hire married women because of the family responsibility that they carry.

But with changing times, India is changing too, and the bell-ringer of this change game is Flipkart. Yes, they have offered its female employees 24-weeks maternity leave plus four months of flexible working hour, and also the criteria for one-year career break without pay. All these policies have been surfaced so as to retain female employees and it is indeed a progressive steps towards providing women both the freedom to maintain family and career.

Such an initiative is surely going to help women join the service industry without compromising on family and career. And, Flipkart has become the first digital portal to roll out such statutory requirement. Previously, companies like Vodafone, Accenture used to provide 12 weeks leave but now they have all have enrolled the scheme of providing 24-weeks maternity leave.


“Flipkart aspires to be a change catalyst in society which has its age-old conditioning of gender biases. As an e-commerce leader, which has pioneered change in India, we also want to be a catalyst for a change in the way our society works and that’s one of the bigger community causes that we want to contribute to,” Deepali Tamhane, senior director, product management at Flipkart told TOI.

Indeed, this is a great initiative taken by Flipkart and other companies that follow the same rule. Flipkart which caters to large number of female, has joined in line to support gender diversity. Such policies only promotes female employees to feel secure and safe in a great working environment.

All the female employees out there, ain’t you happy with the service scenario changing? Share your happiness with us.

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