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Have You Seen Deepika Padukone’s Handwriting Yet? It’s Wow


Have You Seen Deepika Padukone’s Handwriting Yet? It’s Wow

No doubt, Deepika Padukone is one of the most successful, beautiful and talented actresses of Bollywood and there are countless fans of her who can do just anything to get a glimpse of the diva. At one fell swoop, it’s also true that we have seen her acting skills, dance and beauty and fallen in love with each and everything associated with her. But have you ever come across Deepika’s handwriting? Sounds off-the-beaten-path yet interesting, doesn’t it? In this article, we will show you that the actress is gorgeous not just in terms of looks but her writing too is simply pretty as she is!!

Now the question arises as to how her handwriting came to view? Is there some letter or note written by her which circulated on the web? Yeah, exactly, it’s true. Here’s a letter written by Deepika wherein you can see her handwriting for the first ever time:


As we told you, this letter is written by Deepika Padukone for all her fans and through this, she is promoting her upcoming movie “Tamasha”. In the letter, she has made an appeal and invited us all on the launch of her song!!

Pretty cool idea….. Like your style Deepika…. J

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