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Help Muskaan Dreams To Transform Rural Public Schools Into Digital Classroom


Help Muskaan Dreams To Transform Rural Public Schools Into Digital Classroom

India has the second largest education system in the world and it has evolved by each passing year all across the country specifically in the urban areas. Half of India still comes under the rural area and rural education is one of the most neglected sector in India.

In some states of rural India the attendance of teachers and students is declining as there are few committed teachers. India is a developing country and every citizen is eager to call their country as a developed nation. However, we can definitely succeed if the country’s rural education is doing well, which reflects on the economic state of the country.

Well, Muskaan Dreams has taken the initiative to change the quality of education provided to rural people because every child deserves the right to education. The founder of Muskan Dreams Abhishek Dubey came up with the brilliant idea and it was started in the year 2014 by him along with his friends.

As Abhishek himself belongs from a small village so he is aware about the challenges faced by the rural community and children’s.

Muskaan Dreams are an award-winning social impact organization recognized by Forbes Asia in 2019 facilitating enjoyable digital learning in rural schools. We are raising funds to transform 30 public schools in rural Madhya Pradesh and it will create an impact on 2000 children and 100 teachers approximately.

Muskaan has already helped 12000 students across 5 cities with 300 teachers in 75 schools in 70 villages and they have developed 110 Digital classrooms.

Since, day one Abhishek has been clear about his vision as only a limited number of students get jobs. Don’t you think you should be the part of Muskan’s noble cause by providing the needy people with the right source of education.

Every month we spend thousands of rupees on unnecessary items later we end up regretting. Now you can sponsor the education of a rural child just at Rs. 1999. I don’t believe you’ll regret doing that, will you?

Here’s the link which can help the little bundle of joys laugh and learn!

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