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Help Us Identify This Man Who Was Caught Throwing A Dog From Rooftop Just For Fun


Help Us Identify This Man Who Was Caught Throwing A Dog From Rooftop Just For Fun

There is always a reason why we humans are considered the most intelligent species among all the living beings present on our planet Earth.

We Observe the scenario, we process the gravity of the situation and then we take decisions in the most appropriate manner.

Sadly in the lust of power, sometimes madness takes over us and we do things that we shouldn’t do.

Recently a video of man went viral on social media platform where he was caught throwing a dog from rooftop.

Watch the video carefully till the end :

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In this video we could clearly see that the dog was shaking in fear and the man was ridiculously enjoying this during the whole time. Even giving posses for the photography. Now what is saddening in the whole video is that how can this man be so cruel. The level of degradation didn’t stop here. The video even showed the falling of the dog in slow-motion which is by no means ACCEPTABLE. It is believed that the video was shot somewhere in Chennai, although not confirmed.

Now how can you help us ?

Answer is simple ! !

An NGO , ‘ Humane Society International’ in India is offering a reward of Rs 100,000 to anyone is willing to volunteer valid information regarding this man. The cyber cell team in Chennai has already started to investigate on this matter.

So I urge all of you to kindly share this article among your friends and family members, Facebook and every single possible place on social media platform unless and untill we don’t find this man.

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