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Here Is Why Ray Ban Sunglasses Are So Expensive!


Here Is Why Ray Ban Sunglasses Are So Expensive!

We have always wanted to own a Ray Ban. It’s been like a luxury at once owning an original “Ray Ban” glasses. It still holds that place, thanks to the increasing price tags. Not just Ray Ban, there are many other brands whose prices are going higher and higher.

Be it any season, any event, sporting Ray Ban Glasses adds to the style statement of an individual. Youngsters save their pocket money, or ask for it as special birthday gift, or “Dear Santa, this christmas, please gift me Ray Ban glasses”.

It’s the price tag associated which makes them to be a treasure for some people. But why so, why Ray Ban are highly priced? Is there some specific things related to the manufacturing? Or is the market competition? Or just to maintain the position it had held as a brand for years.

Well, the video below gives a perfect explanation to why Ray Ban glasses are so expensive, what makes them to be so highly priced.

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