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Here’s How You Can Make “Emergency Calls” Even When There’s No Network Coverage.!!


Here’s How You Can Make “Emergency Calls” Even When There’s No Network Coverage.!!

Nowadays people can live without food and shelter but can’t live without a smartphone and the Internet connectivity. Knowingly or unknowingly, smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. For every smartphone user, there are two most annoying feelings – one being the ‘dead battery’ and the other is ‘no network coverage’. Nothing much can be done with a dead battery unless you have an extra power up. So, let’s talk about the other problem. When there’s no network coverage, your phone will probably display “No Network coverage. Emergency calls only.” Did you get that? There’s no network then how can you make “Emergency Calls”?


To understand this, let us first try to know the steps involved in making a phone call. Network towers are essential components of a wireless call. As soon as you press the ‘call’  button, your phone releases a signal and the nearest network tower will catch it. Next, the signal undergoes a series of steps and will reach the network tower of the destination. This is how you are able to talk with another person through a mobile phone. This is possible as long as your phone signal strength is good. Coming to emergency calls thing.


Here’s how you can make ‘Emergency Calls’ even when there is no network:

In case you think that phones don’t require network coverage to make Emergency calls, then you are one of those people who knew nothing about wireless communications. Nowadays, most SIM cards work on Global System for Mobile technology. GSM is designed in such a way that it can use the network coverage of another service provider (signals from the nearest tower of another service provider) in the case of bad or absence of your network. However, this facility is limited only to emergency calls only. So when your network goes out, your phone can still make ‘Emergency calls” by using the network of another service provider. In some western countries like the USA, this method is applicable even if the SIM card is not in a proper functioning condition, as the network antenna in the phone will connect to a network tower.

Calling 911 from cell phone

In case you happen to be in a dense forest with absolutely no coverage area from any of the network providers, then there is no way that your phone can receive and transmit the signals thereby making it ineffective of making any kind of calls including the “Emergency Calls”.

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