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Here’s What Happened When Ajit Doval Lived As Muslim In Pakistan & Someone Identified Him!


Here’s What Happened When Ajit Doval Lived As Muslim In Pakistan & Someone Identified Him!

Ajit Doval is a man who needs no introduction. And this is perhaps the most vulnerable profile for a being a SPY ! We all have read about the FACTS related to him. But none of us know about how he actually survived those 7 freaking years in Pakistan living as a Pakistani Muslim.

You all must be wondering that it might have been easy. May be not. But living as Muslim in Pakistan is however considered quite easy as compared to living as a Hindu in Pakistan. Leave behind few exceptions who are fortunate enough to write a post about their experience in Pakistan.

His biggest mission during his stay in Pakistan, was managing as an undercover agent with utmost perfection. He lived as Pakistani Muslim in Lahore for 7 years. He was assigned the most crucial task of spying the Pakistan Intelligence and ISI operations. He collected information about the Pakistani terrorists plans, reinforcements available, weapons and hideouts.

It was an amazing journey for him. A journey full of risks, well that’s what make it adventurous. In one of his conferences, he recollected one of his most precious moments in Pakistan, the time when someone found out his real identity. Well, that doesn’t sound so well. Read Further!

It was a normal day for him. He being or more precisely pretending to be a middle class Muslim man in Pakistan, visited a mosque. When he came out of it, a very attractive personality man with his flashy white beard was constantly looking at him, while he was sitting at some corner. People had huge respect for this old man and considered him as someone with a high or good stature in their community.


Later on after staring at Ajit Doval, the old man called him up and asked him about his religion and accused him to be a HINDU. Ajit Doval was for sure awestruck with the old man’s word. But he denied his words without showing any signs of fear of being caught. The old man asked Ajit to follow him.

Ajit at first was quite confused but later on started following him. They went through many narrow streets and eventually landed up in a small house. There again the old man started accusing Ajit of being a HINDU. Ajit was in a complete denial mode; however, the old man pointed out Ajit Doval’s ear piercing which is quite unusual for Muslim man to have it. And there itself, Ajit Doval accepted this fact.


However, what was more interesting was the fact that, that very particular old man was himself a Hindu living in the shadows of big white beard as a Muslim Man. In some riot in Pakistan, the mob took down his family and killed every single member of it except him. After that he changed his identity and turned into a Muslim in order to save himself from the violent mob.


Hearing this, Ajit Doval was shocked. The old man’s heart melted and said that he feels good whenever he sees his people around him. He also advised Ajit to get plastic surgery for his ear piercing. Later on he opened up his Almirah and showed him the statues of Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga. He was indeed spending his last days worshiping the ones who were protecting him throughout his life.

And this is one of those fine and adorable moments that Ajit Doval spent in Pakistan living as a Muslim.

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