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Here’s How Anand Mahindra Reacted On Ex-Employee’s Claim Of Discrimination Against Homosexuals


Here’s How Anand Mahindra Reacted On Ex-Employee’s Claim Of Discrimination Against Homosexuals

The Supreme Court of India passed a historic judgement on September 6 in which it scrapped Section 377 and decriminalised homosexuality. The moment was celebrated all over the country by the LGBTQ community. However, the people of this community have suffered much and still a lot is needed to be done to improve their condition.

A former employee of Tech Mahindra Gaurav Probir Pramanik wrote an open letter to his previous manager, reminding her of an incident that took place in 2015 in which she not only made a mockery of homosexuals but also accused his effeminate nature for his slow working. He also reminded her how she made fun of a religious minority and a sexual minority despite the fact that she was a manager in a company which boasts of inclusion and diversity.

As per him, he promised the manager that he would get back to her when homosexuality in India would be decriminalised and this is why, he is writing to her.

Here’s the email:

This has brought a storm in Tech Mahindra and they are getting trolled as well for this incident.

Tech Mahindra tweeted, “@gauravpramanik Hi Gaurav, This is indeed disturbing and completely against the ethos of our group that believes in the uniqueness of every individual. We will do a thorough investigation and take steps as necessary. Our team will  be in touch with you.”

MD and CEO of Tech Mahindra CP Gurnani also assured him of thorough investigation, “Gaurav, you have my personal assurance that this will be thoroughly investigated. We remain committed to supporting and promoting a diverse workforce at TechM.”

The top management including Chairman Anand Mahindra has promised Gaurav that an honest investigation will be carried out and proper action will be taken after ascertaining all the facts.

Anand Mahindra took to Twitter and wrote,

“I can categorically assure you that we celebrate diversity in our workplace. Our Code of Conduct is explicit on this subject. Fairness & dignity of the individual is enshrined in our core values.

Tech M is investigating these allegations, and appropriate action will follow…”

His another tweet read, “As I said, Tech M is investigating this matter. We will ascertain the facts & see that the outcome is fair & just.”

If it’s true, this kind of behaviour is not at all acceptable in a civilized society. What do you have to say in this connection? Let us know your views.

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