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Here’s Why Indian Flag Is Called Tricolor Even When It Has 4 Colors – Saffron, White, Blue & Green


Here’s Why Indian Flag Is Called Tricolor Even When It Has 4 Colors – Saffron, White, Blue & Green

We all love and respect our National Flag and use the name Tiranga or Tricolor for it often.

With Tricolor, we talk about three colors on the Flag i.e. Saffron, White and Green. But if you notice, our flag has an extra color i.e Navy Blue. It reflects through the Ashok Chakra that lies in the centre of the flag.

So clearly we have 4 colors on the Flag, then why do we call it a tricolor? Has this question ever popped up in your mind? Have you ever thought about it? We are sure that many of you must have asked this question to yourself, once in your lifetime. Here in this article, we’ll explain the reason to you.

First of all, let’s understand the meaning of three colours that majorly represent our Flag.

1. Saffron: It represents courage and sacrifice i.e. something which has played an important role in getting us freedom.

2. White: It represents peace, light and truth.

3. Green: It represents prosperity and growth.

Now apart from three colors, we have Ashok Chakra that is a major symbol of our Flag. Ashok Chakra talks about coming together of all religions and moving forward like a wheel. It is represented by Navy Blue color in the flag so why don’t we consider that color when we talk about others? Coming to that answer now.

As mentioned above, Ashok Chakra is the 4th symbol of our National Flag and when we talk about this symbol we talk about the whole figure and not the color.

Saffron, White and Green are the three color layers of the flag, so we consider them as colors. On the other hand, Ashoka Chakra as a whole figure is the 4th representative of the Flag so we can’t just term it as a plain “Navy Blue” color.

What are your thoughts on it?

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