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Here’s What Happens When A Gujarati Girl Marries A Punjabi Guy


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Here’s What Happens When A Gujarati Girl Marries A Punjabi Guy

Punjabis and Gujaratis are completely opposite to each other. There is not one differentiation but many and if we start counting them now, the list will still never end.

Where Gujaratis are pure vegetarian, Punjabis cannot live without chicken. Gujarat is a dry state for a reason whereas Punjabis cannot require peggs of whiskey, every week!

The idea of Punjabis and Gujaratis together sounds like a disastrous one. These two in one place will give birth to thousands of contradictions, without any doubt.

But what if you are one of these and fall in love with the other one? Suppose you are a girl who is born and brought up in Gujarat and your prince charming happens to be a full-fledged Punjabi Munda? You will not notice much during the relationship phase but once you are in the family, your whole life will change!
Here’s Kinjal who fell in love with Raman and her whole life has changed after she got married. Her in-laws not only made her feel home since the first day of her wedding but also showered a lot of care and concern.

She is taken aback by the amount of galis being declaimed in one family but she is overwhelmed with the respect that she gets, which is way more than the new parents had given to their own son. Watch the video here:-

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That’s Punjabis! Love drools out of them the same amount of Ghee on Parathas!

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