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Here’s Why Some Kings And Queens Take Up The Name Of Predecessors


Here’s Why Some Kings And Queens Take Up The Name Of Predecessors

When it comes to Indian history, there have been many kings and emperors but we have rarely seen that any king has taken up the name of his predecessor after wearing the crown; however, exceptions are always there! But if we look at the history of England or other countries, we find that many kings or monarchs have the same name which is followed by a roman numeral.

Such names are called regnal or reign name and the Roman numeral is called regnal number.

The first King’s or Queen’s name is not followed by the regnal number but after the accession of second one, the number is added to the first one as well. For example, the Queen Elizabeth I of England was first known as Queen Elizabeth only but after the accession of Queen Elizabeth II, updates were made in the history and since then, she has been called Queen Elizabeth I.

In terms of speaking, they are called as Queen Elizabeth I (Elizabeth the First), Queen Elizabeth II (Elizabeth the Second), etc.

The Kings, Queens, Monarchs and sometimes Popes too take up the name of their predecessors to honour their names and also to show that they will rule or work on the same line set by their ancestor.

If a King, Queen or Pope is very popular and loved by the public, taking up the reign name makes it easy for the predecessor to make place in the hearts of public and earn respect and their belief.

So now you know why many Kings and Queens have the same name.

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