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Hina Made Unpleasant Comments On Vikas’ Outfit & Had A Big Fight With Priyank. Twitter Slammed Her

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Hina Made Unpleasant Comments On Vikas’ Outfit & Had A Big Fight With Priyank. Twitter Slammed Her

The new promo of Bigg Boss is out and it suggests that a big emotional drama is on the way.

Hina has the image of a controversial contestant and there’s no denying the fact that social media often slams her for her weird antics.

Well, she did it again and in the recent promo released by Colors on Twitter, she can be seen passing unpleasant comments on Vikas who was quietly walking. His outfit was decent and he was looking smart. Seeing this, Hina repeatedly asked him whether he was going for an interview or some girl was coming to see him for marriage. This made Vikas angry and in an irritated tone, he said that he wore those clothes because he liked them. He asked Hina not to repeat one thing again and again. Enough is enough! He further asked as to how she would feel if he started commenting on her clothes to which Hina simply asked him to do it. He got so infuriated with her remarks that he left the place, saying that Hina has a black heart.

Seeing all this, Priyank questioned Hina as to why she was irritating him and this made Hina lose her temper. She shouted at him and asked him to keep quiet and go to hell as he is Vikas’ friend and not hers. Priyank also got angry and said, “Tu bhaad me ja”.

Later, few housemates like Arshi, Priyank and Luv were seen praising Vikas’ outfit and condemning Hina for her unfavorable remarks. Vikas broke into tears in the end and housemates showed sympathy with him.

Watch The Promo:

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Twitterati slammed Hina for her antics this time as well and here are some selected tweets:

What does she think of herself?

What’s wrong with her?

Epic insult:

Stay strong Vikas:

She’s fake and chalu:

She’s the worst player of BB:

Kuch to sharm karo:

Why is she so insecure of Vikas?

Angry user:

Claps for Hina:

What do you have to say about Hina’s behaviour and her fight with Priyank? Let us know.

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