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Hina’s BF Rocky Trolled Shilpa Shinde. Commented On Her Hygiene & Kitchen Cleaning

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Hina’s BF Rocky Trolled Shilpa Shinde. Commented On Her Hygiene & Kitchen Cleaning

Shilpa Shinde has been given a motherly figure in the Bigg Boss house. She always cooks food for contestants and serves them lovingly. Well, she surely deserves appreciation for that, but unfortunately, contestants target her for always not actively participating in tasks and concentrating only in the kitchen.

Recently, Hina Khan started making a big issue about Shilpa Shinde’s unhygienic corner as well. Yes, she started telling everyone how Shilpa focuses only on the kitchen and is least bothered about her corner as well as her makeup bag.

Not only that, Hina also said that the tasks which they are doing i.e. cleaning toilets or cleaning rest of the house is not being noticed. There were debates on this in front of media as well.

Finally, Hina Khan’s BF Rocky took to Twitter to support her; he took an indirect dig at Shilpa Shinde. This is what he tweeted;

“According to the latest revelation keeping your personal quarters dirty is a call of personal hygiene and one should not question it even if it bothers u or it’s on camera! Swacch Bharat kahan se Achieve karenge bhai iss attitude ke saath ? “

“Is it me or the #Kitchen looks like it’s in a different house altogether 🙃?
After thse three months of #Extradose if I see my mom only cooking n not bitching m gonna tell her she’s not a nice representative of housewives.So what if she’s been doing it n MORE for more than 35yrs”

Rocky meant to say that for housewives, just cleaning the kitchen is not important. Other hygiene should also be maintained. Do you agree with his point of view?

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