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Hina’s Boyfriend Rocky Slammed Arshi & Colors TV As Arshi Passed A Racial Comment On Hina

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Hina’s Boyfriend Rocky Slammed Arshi & Colors TV As Arshi Passed A Racial Comment On Hina

Bigg Boss 11 is not only getting controversial by every passing day but it has become vulgar too after Bandgi and Puneesh locked themselves in bathroom. The duo dared to commit such an act even after they were served with a warning by host Salman Khan. If this was not enough, the time has come to pass racist comments and it has been started by none other than one of the most controversial contestants, i.e., Arshi Khan.

In recent times, Hina was targeted by Arshi who allegedly passed a comment on her skin colour and this has made Hina’s boyfriend furious. We all know that Hina and Arshi don’t share a cordial bond and from the very first day, they developed rivalry against each other.

They have often indulged in verbal wars; however, the situation turned out to be unacceptable when Arshi made a racial comment on Hina Khan.

A video is doing rounds on the web and social media featuring Arshi who says,

“Inke colour ko kya hua? Kaale pad gaye. (What happened to her skin? It has turned dark.)”

Akash warned her not to pass such racial comments; however, it didn’t have any effect on Arshi and on the contrary, she got even more irritated.

Watch The Video:

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Undoubtedly, she attracted controversy and invited criticism on her own part by making such a comment which was intolerable on the part of Hina’s boyfriend Rocky as well, for obvious reasons.

Rocky just couldn’t bear this kind of racial behaviour with Hina and took to the micro-blogging site to thrash Arshi, Bigg Boss and Colors.

In an angry tone, Rocky wrote, “All the self proclaimed messiahs who took it to themselves to question Values and Sensibilities of @eyehinakhan where are you now ? Hina is targeted, cornered, bullied, irritated, harassed and now they’ve gone down to skin colour! @ColorsTV @BiggBoss Good Content Right ?”

Needless to say, Arshi crossed her limits this time and it will be interesting to see how Salman Khan reacts over it. What do you have to say about Arshi’s comments? Let us know.

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