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Hindi Version Of Hollywood Movie Names Will Leave You In Splits


Hindi Version Of Hollywood Movie Names Will Leave You In Splits

Often, you watch an English movie and your mother asks the movie’s name. When you state the answer as the movie title itself, i.e., in English, she asks you ‘Hindi me batao’ and at that time, your face is like a Big QUESTION MARK (?). Since English is not our mother tongue, everyone is not much familiar with it, especially generation of parents and grandparents. But now you have an answer of this ‘one of the most difficult’ questions 😛

Check out the below list to find Hindi version of Hollywood movie names-

1. Matrix becomes Mayajaal in Hindi – English names really kitne tough hote hain 😮

2. Man Of Steel = Lokhand Manush – Lol apni Hindi bhi kam funny nahi hai 😛


3. V For Vendetta – Pra Se Pratishodh is like (Suresh = Ramesh)

4. This one is mind blowing – Pulp Fiction = Uttejit Karne Wali Sasti Upanyas

5. Smith = Sharma

6. Casino Royale – Shaahi Jua Ghar (Does It Have A Connection With Mahabharat?)


7. Avengers – Angaare Bane Sholey sounds like makka (maize) becomes popcorn


8. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo = Dragon Mehendi Wali Ladki – This translation seems as 3 Idiots = Teen Budbak

9. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind – Swachh Mann Ki Anant Dhoop – It reminds me of Swachh Bharat Campaign

10. The Dark Knight Rises – Andhkari Yodha Jaaga – Doesn’t it sound as ‘The Mummy Returns In Black Outfit’?


11. The Wolf Of Wall Street – Dalal Street Ka Bhediya LOLz


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