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H&M Sells Desi Kurtas As Plus-Sized Shirt Dress For $35, Twitter Can’t Keep Calm


H&M Sells Desi Kurtas As Plus-Sized Shirt Dress For $35, Twitter Can’t Keep Calm

The famous fashion brands have been coming up with some really bizarre products for quite some time now and it won’t be wrong to say that at first glance, it appears that they have been trying to make customers fools with such weird stuffs in the name of fashion or brands. Recently one Swedish clothing company did the same and introduced something which made Desis go mad at it.

We are talking about H&M, the Swedish clothing giant which has its headquarters in Stockholm and is known for its fast-fashion clothing for people of all age-groups. H&M recently launched a chocolate brown kurta salwar which it named as jersey shirt dress in order to make it look cool and priced it at whopping $35 (around Rs 2,600).

The photo of this product was shared on the micro-blogging site Twitter by an online user with the caption, “Why is it hip for H&M to sell kurta payjama as loungewear but when Desis wear kurta payjama it is ‘OMG I love your ethnic costume’”.

Another user talked about it and wrote, “I’m crying what is every brown uncle’s Masjid fit doing on H&M”.

Soon netizens started reacting on this matter and some even questioned as to why H&M is selling this dress which is worn mostly by those who visit Masjid for offering prayers. Few even went on to slam the brand for selling the dress at such a high price while it can be bought in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. at a price less than $10.

An old tweet of a Twitter user also got highlighted which talked about the Linen-blend Kaftan dress that H&M was selling at $99. The Twitter user wrote the caption, “Y’all @hm is trying to sell this basic @ss kurta for NINETY NINE DOLLARS???”

Here are some of the selected reactions:








It is the best to buy clothes from local market rather than from the famous fashion brands as they are not only making weird stuff but also resorting to copying the design of clothes which many of us wear in normal routine.

What do you have to say in this regard? Will you ever buy such products at this high price?

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