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Honest Review Of ‘Why Cheat India’, Emraan Hashmi Is Brilliant In The Film

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Honest Review Of ‘Why Cheat India’, Emraan Hashmi Is Brilliant In The Film

Today, we saw the release of one of the most awaited films of the year, Why Cheat India, which stars Emraan Hashmi in a leading role and has been directed by Soumik Sen.

The film answers the basic question – why are so many students resorting to cheating in the examinations? Is it the fault of the education system?

Rakesh Singh or Rocky, played by Emraan, attempts to answer this simple question. Several youngsters in the country are forced to mug up answers in order to pass their examinations.

But does that affect their learning capabilities? Is that how students are meant to be educated?

The film takes on this rather interesting theme, and is somewhat an attack on the corrupt education system that is prevalent in the country.

Yet, we must say that the film is a tad bit slow, and could have been made more crisp and compact. And at times, we are confused as to what message the film wants to convey. Yet, it is possibly the brevity of the issue, which makes the film so.

However, Emraan puts up a stellar performance in the film. He is the only person in the film who makes it a must watch.

He plays the role of a con man who leaks exam papers, thus enabling students to cheat. This shows the loopholes within our education system. The film certainly opens one’s eyes and makes them think.

In fact, people are praising the film online. Check it out:






Overall, I’d rate the film 3 out of 5 stars.

Don’t miss this film this weekend!

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