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Honest Review Of Pari & Veerey Ki Wedding Is Out. Read & Make Your Decision Right Away

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Honest Review Of Pari & Veerey Ki Wedding Is Out. Read & Make Your Decision Right Away

It’s a Friday and two Bollywood films titled Pari and Veere Di Wedding have released. There are good expectations from both the films because both of them created a very nice pre-release impact. Also, both of them target different audience so it will easy for them to make a selection this week.


Pari starring Anushka Sharma, Parambrata Chatterjee & Rajat Kapoor has released with minimal promotions but high expectations. The film from its trailers looked like a unique supernatural thriller and a much-needed respite for the lovers of this genre in India.

Pari revolves around the character of Rukhsana played by Anushka and Arunabh played by Parambrata Chatterjee. Arunabh meets Rukhsana who is some kind of a spooky and troubled character.

Arunabh’s life comes on the receiving side of a lot of problems after Rukhsana enters his life.


The film with an interesting screenplay keeps you on the edge of the seat and makes you scared throughout. There are some brilliant scenes that will make you feel like going for a loo break and it will really satisfy your cravings for a good horror film. At the same time, the film also gets too heavy sometimes and that will piss off the audience.

Performances and Direction

Anushka Sharma has done a convincing job and deserves accolades for her performance. She also deserves a pat on her back for doing an experiment like this. Parambrata Chatterjee is also very good and justifies his character with an ace. Rajat Kapoor proves that he is a seasoned actor again as he gives a brilliant performance.

Prosit Roy impresses with his direction even though it’s his first film.

Overall, Pari is a good supernatural thriller which you can go and watch in cinemas. It will give you a unique experience.

Rating: 3/5

Veerey Ki Wedding

Veerey Ki Wedding brings Pulkit Samrat on screen after the super success of Fukrey Returns and Kriti Kharbanda after much loved Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana. It’s a comedy-drama which also stars a talented actor like Jimmy Sheirgill.

Veerey Ki Wedding from its first promo had promised to be a good family entertainer that will give you nothing but an enjoyable time in theatres.

Story and Screenplay

Veer (Pulkit Samrat) and Geet (Kriti Kharbanda) are in love with each other but there is a problem. There’s no problem in the life of Veer and it happens to create a lot of problems with his attitude and it, in turn, affects his and Geet’s relationship.

Balli (Jimmy Sheirgill) helps Veer in the situation but his rowdy behaviour towards things and Geet’s family just increases the problems for him.

The story of the film is routine but has a great scope of entertainment. Veerey Ki Wedding has been able to provide that entertainment to the audience to a great extent.

The film is filled with some amazingly funny and comic moments that will make you forget the stress of your life. It promises you nothing but entertainment and gives you a lot of it and that’s a big plus.

Performances and Direction

Pulkit Samrat has given a nice performance as Veer. Kriti Kharbanda looks gorgeous and it’s hard to take your eyes off her. Jimmy Sheirgil is absolute delight to watch.

Ashu Trikha has given a good direction and has successfully made it a light-hearted affair.

On the whole, Veerey Ki Wedding is an entertaining film and deserves all the love from you. Go and watch it.

Rating: 3.5/5

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