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“How Big Is Yours?,” Isa Guha’s Double-Meaning Question Makes Adam Gilchrist & Others Go ROFL


“How Big Is Yours?,” Isa Guha’s Double-Meaning Question Makes Adam Gilchrist & Others Go ROFL

Cricket commentators may sit in the studios but they certainly make cricket viewing more interesting and entertaining for the audiences with their expert opinions and comments. However, there are times when a commentator says something which makes others laugh but leaves him/her in an embarrassing situation.

Isa Guha, the former English cricketer turned commentator faced similar sort of situation when she asked a double meaning question. She is presently a part of the commentary panel for the ongoing Australia’s Big Bash League 2021-22. She along with former Aussie cricketer turned commentator Adam Gilchrist and a fellow commentator were having a discussion on the carrom ball and the criteria that coaches look for in the potential candidates for bowling the carrom ball.

The fellow commentator said that the spin bowling coaches ask the candidates to show their middle fingers and the guy with the longest middle finger is selected for bowling the carrom ball. After this, Isa asked the fellow commentator, “How big is yours?” and as soon as she said this, everyone including Gilchrist and fellow commentator were left in splits. Though Isa Guha was talking about the middle finger, it was taken in another reference and she had a face-palm moment.

The video of the conversation was shared by the English cricketer Alexandra Hartley with the caption, “A reasonable question from @isaguha” with laughing emojis and Isa Guha also retweeted it with the caption, “Valid – for carrom ball purposes only…”

As far as the BBL is concerned, Perth Scorchers, Sydney Sixers and Melbourne Stars have made a pretty good start to the tournament and many fans are expecting Sydney Sixers to win this time again as it has already won the trophy three times earlier.

Somebody correctly said that a person needs to be more careful about what not to speak rather than what to speak. Agree?

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