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How To Find The Perfect Branded Shirt For Men In India

How To Find The Perfect Branded Shirt For Men In India RVCJ Media


How To Find The Perfect Branded Shirt For Men In India

Investing in high-quality shirts is one of the primary requisites to ensuring the long-term sustainability of your wardrobe. However, with such a wide variety of branded shirts available in India, finding the perfect one can seem like an arduous task. There are huge differences between well-crafted premium shirts and fast-fashion products. The latter are not durable, can lose their shape, and even result in unwanted skin irritations.

To make the right call, here is how you can find the perfect branded shirt for men in India.

 Circling-in on the Right Fabric

Finding the right fabric is essential. While the choice is subjective, there are several physical factors that you need to consider, like price, look, comfort, and climate. You wouldn’t want to spend a significant amount on a branded shirt only to discover that the material will suffocate you in the summer heat.

Here is a quick look at some of the fabrics that you will come across while buying premium shirts:

  • Cotton: An affordable fabric that is used to create shirts in both woven and knitted styles. They are comfortable and ideal for both summers and winters. Just make sure to go for thicker weaves like flannel for chilly conditions.
  • Supima Cotton: For them, premium shirt lovers. Supima cotton shirts are highly durable, delightfully soft, and resist wrinkles. The only con would be its price tag.
  • Wool: A natural protein fibre, wool and wool blend shirts are found in a plethora of branded shirts for men in India. They resist bad odour and are perfect for heat retention. Just make sure you avoid coarser fibres as they can be itchy. Also, prepare yourself to maintain these as they are prone to shrinking.
  • Twill: Among the most desirable fabrics to produce casual and dress shirts, twill is identified by its exceptional softness and diagonal lines. Go for it if you love soft fabrics and a distinct look.
  • Linen: The ultra-breathable fabric that you would not regret buying. Ultimate comfort and a sophisticated look. Just make sure it is not on your winter shopping list.

The Dye Matters

While you might believe colour to be a highly subjective matter, dye is what you need to be sure of. You do not want to spend on a shirt that will lose its colour as soon as you wash it. There are primarily two types of dyes that are used in the textile industry: synthetic and natural.

While synthetic dyes are made in a lab, natural dyes extract pigments from minerals, animals, and plants. Make sure you opt for a branded shirt with a reactive fibre dye or a durable equivalent to ensure that the hue on your premium shirt stays the same even after repeated washes.

Going the Extra Mile

While on your quest to find the best branded shirts for men in India, you will need to go the extra mile. This includes having a clear idea of your body type and opting for a fit that would align best with it. If your skin is sensitive to heat, steer clear of fabrics that retain too much of it to maintain your comfort levels.

Moreover, you can look for some subtle features that can help you stand out. Several branded shirts are available in the market, but only a few fashion brands like Andamen have a collection of premium shirts that are responsibly crafted to elevate your style.

So, pick a shirt that is a worthy addition to your wardrobe and step out with confidence!

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