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How to promote your youtube channel on Tiktok

How to promote your youtube channel on Tiktok RVCJ Media


How to promote your youtube channel on Tiktok

Since then, a whole lot has changed, including the usage of social media and the number of people using it. According to Pew Research centre, the usage of social media sites amongst Americans has gone up nearly seven fold in the last decade.

Since the launch of the website, Youtube has been ruling the internet. The three founders of the website, Jawed Karim, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley, launched this website on the 14th of february, 2005. By the December of the same year, youtube had already been serving about 2 million video views per day. By March of 2006, the number went up to 25 million and channels were uploading about 20,000 videos to the site every day. 

Since then, a whole lot has changed, including the usage of social media and the number of people using it. According to Pew Research centre, the usage of social media sites amongst Americans has gone up nearly seven fold in the last decade. In comparison to the 7% of adults using social media in 2005, the number is now up to 65%- nearly two-thirds of the adult population. And in 2022, the number of active Youtube users was over 2.6 Billion. This is a testament in itself exactly how big of a platform Youtube has become.

But in recent times, other video platforms have risen up to fame as well. Perhaps the most famous of these is Tiktok. ByteDance acquired in 2017 and merged it with Tiktok to create the app that we know today. Then ByteDance changed the name to TikTok which started gaining popularity in around 2018. Since then, it has become a worldwide sensation and been installed on devices over 3.5 billion times worldwide. 

Although there have been some clashes between the Tiktok and Youtube community, the former can be a great way to boost your Youtube channel and reach out to a bigger audience. These are relatively more long lasting and sustainable alternatives to buying youtube subscribers. Especially because a sudden hike in Youtube subs is suspicious. And further, it may raise more suspicion if your subscriber count is large, but the number of views on your videos is disproportionate. So its better to gain subscribers organically, and thus gain more youtube views too. And a few ways to do so through TikTok are as follows:

  • Link your Youtube

Linking your Youtube is a great way to give your channel some exposure to your TikTok audience. When you link your youtube channel to your TikTok account, the link is visible right on your profile. It is a good way to get some attention towards your channel. And if your followers are curious enough they may go check it out themselves.

  • Post clips from your Youtube videos

But most people may not be interested enough to take the time out and watch your videos through your channel. It is important to give them a glimpse of your content and what you post. Often times, people will seek out your channel to watch a certain video if the short clip on TikTok catches their eye. Plus, it is a great way to reach out to your targeted audience and build a community on TikTok itself.

In addition to this, creating good followers on TikTok and gaining the interest of people could boost your Youtube channel traffic in itself. Because people who have taken an interest in you might seek out your youtube channel to check out more of your stuff.  

  • Jump on latest trends

TikTok runs on trends, of different kinds, aimed for different audiences. They are a huge thing in the short video platform. And trends can be a great way to reach the for-you pages of your target audience. You can use trends through a variety of ways. Make a video on the same sound, or make a different version of the same video, or be a bit creative with it. 

What matters is that your video is related directly to the trending topic in some way or the other. This brings you higher chances of getting noticed and hitting a streak of luck with followers.

  • Use relevant hashtags

To continue the previous point, hashtags are just as important when trying to target a specific demographic or audience. Adding relevant and accurate hashtags on your videos will be of help in pushing the video to the audience that follows that hashtag or is interested into similar stuff.  

Additionally, not just to trend videos, but adding relevant hashtags in all your videos would be of help in pushing them towards the right audience. Using hashtags will expose your videos to potential followers, yes. But also  to other content creators who may be interested in collaborating or dueting with you. All in all, use hashtags. Its beneficial

  • Interact and Reply to your comments

And last but not the least, interaction with your followers is incredibly important in building a tight knit community. The more you interact with your commenters, followers and fans, the more likely they are to remember you. TikTok could be a good way to form some connections and bonds and further promote your youtube channel amongst them. 

Interacting with people in general too may result in positive interactions and moments This may result in a conversion of a stranger into a follower. 

These are a few of the simplest ways to promote your youtube channel on TikTok. It has been some time since Youtube introduced the concept of shorts. They too wanted  to grab a piece of the short video market like TikTok and Instagram. Since then, many TikTokers have started posting their videos both on TikTok and on Shorts on youtube. This helps them maintain a consistency and correlation between their two accounts. Afterall, TikTok is banned in a few countries and hence the citizens only have Youtube to access such TikTok videos.

Using sing these tips may lead in a rise in your subscriber count and view count on your videos on Youtube. But make sure to give it a bit of time for the best results. And most importantly, be consistent with your Youtube posts. Youtube loves consistent posters. And you will receive better a much better response from the site and viewers as long as you post good content consistently.

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