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‘How Was Your 2019?’ Twitter Reacts With The Funniest & Most Relatable Memes


‘How Was Your 2019?’ Twitter Reacts With The Funniest & Most Relatable Memes

Once again, one more year of our lives is coming to end and many of us will get into self-analysis mode now. Every year starts with New Year resolutions and a promise to ourselves that we will make this year the best year of our life, at least better than the last year. But slowly our life goes on autopilot mode and at the end of the year when we think about our achievements of the year, we feel that there was so much to do and what we have done is almost negligible.

If you are also thinking the same, let us tell you that you are not alone and many other people in this world must be thinking the same way. There will be countless individuals who may not have had a good 2019 so they must be waiting eagerly for this year to get over while some people may have received a lot of happiness so they may be wishing that 2019 should not get over.

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Well, we are into the last month (December) of 2019 and 2020 is already knocking the doors. Just after a fortnight, we will enter the year 2020 and it’s advisable to make new plans for the New Year and start it with a bang.

But before entering 2020, let us just ask ourselves once, “How was your 2019?” Well, we don’t know your answer but some creative online users responded with wonderful memes on this and here are some selected ones for you:












Don’t forget to tell us ‘How was your 2019’ and whether you could relate with these tweets or not. And of course in advance, Happy New Year 2020!

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