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How Well Do Startups And Coworking Spaces Go Together – An Insight By KillerLaunch


How Well Do Startups And Coworking Spaces Go Together – An Insight By KillerLaunch

 Startup culture is emerging, and many startups are planning to establish them outside their homegrown markets. The opportunity to expand and grow a startup is now at a fast pace. International platforms have provided a platform for web infrastructure, marketing, and commerce. These markets help the startups to build a well-established image and popularity among the people.

On the other hand, coworking spaces are also making an appearance faster than ever! And it’s not even a surprise because what could be a reason for the coworking spaces not to become famous? They provide so many benefits to your work-life. 

Coworking space cuts your extra expenses as you don’t have to rent a building for your work, mostly. Just manage everything easily in the workspace and do your work with peace. It’s only one advantage. There are a lot of them. We will discuss them later in this article.

Foreign markets and startups.

International markets help Indian startup jobs expand their business further in other nations, providing them with new growth opportunities.

Many famous Indian startups have started expanding in foreign markets successfully. Oyo hotels, one of the most famous homegrown hotel chains, started its global expansion by expanding to Nepal and Malaysia. It then further spread to China, a booming tourism industry with a substantial influx of international tourists, and has successfully established thousands of hotels scattered across 28 countries. 

It is now planning to expand in Indonesia, Europe, and the UK. 

Zomato is another Indian startup that started its presence in the international market, starting with Dubai in 2012. It now has operations in 10000 cities across 24 countries. Zomato has also provided many startup jobs to many people. The cab aggregator Ola, the ticketing platform Cleartrip, and the craft beer brand Bira 91 are a few other companies that have successfully expanded their operational base.

There are numerous benefits that foreign markets provide to startups. 

I’ve discussed some of them below:

  • Make connections: As the startup expands, foreign markets help them to make connections with international clients. Before planning to expand in any particular country, make sure to do proper research of their people. This will help you to connect with people better than ever.
  • Get popularity: As you make more connections, you interact with more people. Hence, it helps the company to gain more exposure and expansion. Startup jobs provide massive help in making the firm popular.
  • Learn their culture: When you expand your startup in some other country or region, you will learn about their culture and use that knowledge to boost your different products. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

How do coworking spaces help startup jobs to grow? 

Coworking spaces are getting a massive response from many startup owners. We can find them in almost every city and town to hire/ rent them for business purposes. 

What exactly is coworking space?

Coworking spaces have become the stuff of many words. What exactly is a coworking space, what makes them different from a typical office, or a public place like a library or a coffee shop?

Coworking spaces are shared workplaces. They are perfect for those who want to stay alone or great places to have meetings and complete group projects. As the number of startup jobs is increasing, so are the coworking spaces.

These shared workplaces vary from place to place. They offer offices such as suites, private meeting rooms, or shared desks. They come with kitchens, coffee, and more.

Most of the time, they bring a specific community behind them. This means that you can find like-minded people with a business interest in these positions.

For example, freelancers, startups, and small groups can be surrounded by like-minded people. Here are some tips to help you get started with your new business.

Coworking spaces and startup jobs.

  1. No more meetings in those boring coffee shops:

Coworking spaces come with everything you require to do your job. Many power sockets, functional furniture, more desk space, and faster Wi-Fi connections are commonplace in many places.

Dossey Richards, manager of the dev-shop Lotus Technologies, runs his business in NYC based in The Farm Coworking. He said: “The decision to leave my local coffee shop and work in my place of work was a decision that changed my life and the quality of my life. I would recommend it to all freelancers, employees, and entrepreneurs looking for a new work experience. “

You also have more control over your workplace compared to a coffee shop. You can choose to install your laptop and work in a shared space if you choose to work surrounded by like-minded souls or use the office space if you need peace.

  1. Save that extra money:

Renting a traditional venue can be a solution to your initial needs, but it usually requires a long-term financial commitment.

However, working together frees your start to make sense as it grows and evolves.

You can use the space as and where you need it day by day or month by month. You can rent meeting rooms as you need at any time. You will not be required to pay rent for months at a time.

  1. Make additional connections:

Coworking spaces are used by the private sector, entrepreneurs, and small businesses, so there are many opportunities to connect with people trying to build a business.

Some co-operatives are repeated as event venues and offer their communities various ways to meet their co-workers and the wider business community. Whether it’s a few free beers on a Friday, a yoga class, a light lunch and learning session, a high-level product presentation, or a series that offers training in a new range of skills for your business, you can get a chance to learn something new and meet new people.

Many vacancies also encourage their members to hold events to showcase their skills and to promote their business. Such events are usually sponsored by space, and in some cases, you will have experienced community officials to assist you with everything you need to make a successful event.

The situation of startups in Indian markets:

In just over half a decade (2014-2019), India has shown a longing for technology, data, and the internet. The internet has paved the way for the first thousands to rise over the past decade, face different challenges, transform all industries, and build new parts!

From having a few technology companies to tens and now thousands of new businesses, India’s ecosystem has grown significantly over the past decade. Since 29K in 2014, the number has increased dramatically from 2015-2018 and will affect 55K startups by 2020.

Over the years, growth initiatives have brought in more international investors and boosted their confidence in India. The reported revenue by SEBI registered gain (Phase 1) has grown from INR 326 Cr in 2014 to more than INR 2,703 Cr in 2019 – an increase of 8x over five years. The share of real money spent on commitment in 2014 was 35% compared to 61% in 2019, reflecting the growing interest rate in India’s investment opportunities.

The numbers make it clear that early-stage investment activity is slowing down in the aftermath of the epidemic. Therefore, in a situation (e.g., Case 1) where high-value ticket investments in established startups will continue to flow and greater investor confidence in beneficiaries such as edtech, fintech, online games and OTT, ecommerce, and enterprise tech. Total capital increased by the start of India in 2020 is estimated to reach $ 11.3 Bn in this case, which can be described as an enjoyable one, an 11% decrease compared to last year.

So, this was an overview of the situation of startups in Indian as well as foreign markets. We also discussed how coworking spaces are essential to startups.

I hope this article solved all your queries. Good luck!

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