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Hrithik Roshan’s New Home Is No Less Than Heaven! You’ll Love The Pics!

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Hrithik Roshan’s New Home Is No Less Than Heaven! You’ll Love The Pics!

Hrithik Roshan is extremely tied up with the preparations of his upcoming flick ‘Mohenjo Daro’. At the same time, the actor is busy cherishing his lavish new house. Yes, finally Hrithik shifted to his new house and he is loving it.

The house is beautiful and has been designed by Ashiesh Shah, a renowned architect and interior designer. He is the same architect who had designed the new home of Katrina Kaif in Bandra.


Ashiesh says that Hrithik called him after he was pretty impressed with the design of Katrina’s Bandra home. Hrithik wanted the same sort of feel and look and hence, after doing a few changes here and there, Ashiesh finally designed it as per the actor’s requirements.


The space is designed in such a way that it perfectly caters to different needs. It serves dual purpose i.e. a family home as well as a bachelor pad. For instance if kids are around, the space can be converted to a family home and when kids aren’t around, it can be used as a bachelor pad to have a bash with friends.

Several movable elements are added to the space. Lot of automations too have been used for catering to different moods. Now, after listening to all this, aren’t you curious to see the space? Well, have a look at the pictures!

Italian sofas and a perfect space to display family photos! Well, this grid is movable


Lovely oil canvas on this dining room!


Movies are projected on this whitewashed wall!


WOW! What a living area!


One more beautiful corner of his house!


Hrithik’s love for Batman!


Pool table for leisure!


Kids area!


Beautiful quotes on the wall!


Hrithik is having a fun-time!




What a beautiful piece!


Green space! Moreover, there is a sea view too!


Bubble chair!


His office!


so guys how did you find these pics? Amazing, isn’t it? Do let us know your views in connection to this in our comments section below!

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