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Husband Did Such An Act On First Night That Marriage Couldn’t Last Even Till Morning


Husband Did Such An Act On First Night That Marriage Couldn’t Last Even Till Morning

In Hoshangabad, a weird case came to light related to marriage which would definitely shock you. An orphan girl who lived in Delhi got married to a Hoshangabad man and surprisingly, something so bizarre and odd took place that their relationship couldn’t last even till the next morning.

Let’s start from the beginning….

A woman from Hoshangabad convinced Preeti to marry her son and made her believe that her life would change after tying knot with him and she would be very happy.

The innocent girl trusted the woman and got ready for wedding, little did she know that her life would become hell after marriage!


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On the first night of her marriage, she got suspicious seeing weird and abnormal activities of her husband. It didn’t take her much time to understand that she has been cheated and her husband is mentally unbalanced.

She registered a complaint with the police who lodged a case and started investigating the matter. Meanwhile, she returned to Delhi.

Preeti said that she got wed to the man in June, thinking that he’s a completely normal person. What’s more, she was told that he was 31-32 years of age but according to her, he’s not less than 40 years. She further stated that she didn’t want to live with him.

He keeps on doing strange and uncommon activities all the time; at one moment, he has vulgar gesture and expressions while on the other, he sits silently.

Preeti’s parents died when she was very young and she used to live in Delhi’s Chandni Chowk area. In the meantime, she met the Hoshangabad woman who tricked her into marriage and convinced to come to Hoshangabad.

What steps according to you should Preeti take to get justice? Share your opinion with regard to the article in the comments section below.


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