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Husband Had An Affair With The Maid, This Parrot Exposed His Nasty Deeds To Wife


Husband Had An Affair With The Maid, This Parrot Exposed His Nasty Deeds To Wife

There are many animal lovers around. Well, I am one of them too! We love our pets, care for them and keep them as one of our family member. The person who doesn’t keep pets or don’t have special affection for animals won’t ever understand your relationship with your pet.

P.S. I have a dog, a cat, 6 parrots of different species (before you slam me saying that keeping birds at home is animal/bird cruelty, I should tell you that they live freely and are free to fly around in my house and even can go out if they wish too!)


Well, I just got along with the animal topic as they are my eternal love! The point here is, why do we keep pets? What do we get in return from all the love and care we give them?

The answer is, we get selfless love and eternal loyalty that no human can ever offer!

So, this innocent Parrot in Kuwait with all his loyalty and concern exposed a man who was cheating on his wife!

The family parrot mimicked flirtatious exchange of words between the husband and their housemaid in front of the wife.

LOL…Now that’s what we call LOYALTY!!!


The family parrot was about to send this man to jail when he accidentally exposed that man’s affair with his housemaid in front of his wife.

Whatever flirtatious quotes that man used to woo his housemaid, that parrot hilariously mimicked everything…

We must appreciate the parrot for his amazing learning ability and also just make a note that…

‘Ab sirf deewaron ke hi kaan nahi hote’ your pets are interested in listening your nasty talks too!


The wife was already suspicious because of her husband’s weird behaviour. She also told that the husband got nervous when he saw her returning from the office before time and that made her more worried.

She didn’t take a minute and complained to the officers at Hawally police station. She accused her husband for cheating on her but unfortunately he got saved this time.


As adultery is illegal in Gulf state, the man would have landed in some serious punishment but the police denied to lodge any complaint against him because of the absence of credible evidence.

The case cannot be admitted in the court as it is doubtful on the bird’s part that from where he learned such intimate conversation. They said it could be a TV or a radio too. Well, just be positive guys as the man has got a good lesson and hopefully he won’t commit the same mistake in near future.

Woman, you have a fantastic detective parrot! I am sure the parrot is going to get a special treatment back at home from the woman. 😛


Are you an animal lover? How much do you love your pet? Has something similar ever happened with you? Do share your views in the comments section below. 🙂

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