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Iceland Cricket Takes A Brutal Dig At ECB On India Vs Pakistan Proposal & You Can’t Miss It


Iceland Cricket Takes A Brutal Dig At ECB On India Vs Pakistan Proposal & You Can’t Miss It

India and Pakistan are known to be the arch-rivals on the cricket field and though they face each other in the ICC tournaments, they don’t play bilateral series in any format because of the strained relations between them. Last time India and Pakistan faced each other in short format bilateral series was in 2012 when Pakistan visited India and played 3 ODIs and the same number of T20Is as well. As far as the test series is concerned, both the nations played their last bilateral test series in 2007.

There is no denying the fact that the hype and excitement created by the matches between these two countries are huge and recently, the England and Wales Cricket Board proposed to organize a 3-match test series between India and Pakistan on their soil. The England cricket team is currently in Pakistan for playing 7-match T20I series and this is when Martin Darlow, the deputy chairman of the ECB, put across this idea to the PCB chairman Ramiz Raja.

While the PCB showed interest in this proposal, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) rejected it outright and put a full stop on all the speculations regarding India-Pakistan face-off in England.

However, the Iceland Cricket which is known for its witty and funny tweets has taken this as an opportunity to have some fun at the expense of the ECB and in a series of tweets, it not only puts forth its proposal but also takes a savage dig at the weather conditions of England.

The Iceland Cricket promises to provide 24-hour daylight in the months of June and July along with better tweets covering the match and sniper security as well.

In the first tweet, the Iceland Cricket wrote,

“We hear @ECB_cricket have offered to host a Test series between India and Pakistan.

We officially announce to @ICC that we are also offering to do the same & can provide near 24 hour daylight in June and July, as well as better Tweets covering the matches. Sniper security too.”

Its second tweet read,

“This is the Volcanic Ashes trophy for when Pakistan play India in a 3 Test series here. It’s currently given to the winners of our indoor club tournament, but we can create a new mickey mouse event & trophy for them. Filled with ash from our eruptions & set in a basaltic base.”

Here’s what the Iceland Cricket wrote in the third tweet:

“The India v Pakistan Test series in Reykjavík would be the first to introduce this new format that will replace the toss. Azam v Sharma. We advocate swords. Please bring squad sizes of at least 19 players. The option of a super sub chimes well with @bcci proposals for the IPL.”

The fourth tweet was:

“So would the India v Pakistan Tests in Reykjavík be day, day-night or night matches given the 24 hour daylight?

Think of it as a day-night match without the night. Like a prawn salad without the prawns.

The 15 sessions could be played continuously, easing the crowded calendar.”

The fifth tweet read,

“To sum up, we have offered India v Pakistan:

3 Tests in Reykjavík

24 hour daylight

Sword joust for toss

Sniper security

Volcanic Ashes trophy

15 consecutive sessions of play per Test

We will add for all fans:

Free fermented shark and brennivin

Free volcano tour by this admin”

The last tweet of the Iceland Cricket was:

“This is our last Tweet on this subject.

If Pakistan will play India in Reykjavík for the Volcanic Ashes then we will lay down our arms, forgive and forget, and play @dcfcricket in Copenhagen for the Lego and Pastry Cup.

All in this together.”

This is really savage! What do you think of their proposal?

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