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Images Of This Sweeper (KaamWali) Girl Will Make You Fall In Love With Her

Images Of This Sweeper (KaamWali) Girl Will Make You Fall In Love With Her RVCJ Media


Images Of This Sweeper (KaamWali) Girl Will Make You Fall In Love With Her

When Rita Mattos joined in as a sweeper in Rio last year, she was surely unaware that she is going to get sensational online. But we are not amazed, this cleaning lady is actually worth a watch, not only because of her looks but also for the way she carries herself. All of just 23 and she is breaking the internet with her beauty. In fact along with the fame that’s coming her way, she has decided to drop the job of a sexy sweeper and is zeroing on to become a professional model.


All this happened when her pictures started going viral and circulating in Whatsapp. She was cleaning a beach in bikini, and the clicked picture went on to make her “Sweeper Babe”. Although, the lady was super happy with the fame pouring in, but realized that it was discriminating her so dubbed “Less beautiful colleagues”


“People are surprised when they see a pretty girl working as a street cleaner. They say that I could find a better job than sweeping and weeding.But why should street cleaners, necessarily, be ugly? There is a prejudice against them.I’m very proud of what I do. Apart from working very hard, I have a lot of fun too.” Said the Sensational Sweeper.


Rita has an avid followers now, and love letter and date proposal are knocking at her feet. And, she has decided to bank upon such an opportunity, and take up modelling assignment even if it means to pose nude. After all people are going gaga over her.


What do you think, isn’t it great that people are praising a seriously gifted sweeper? Just imagine, the case in India, anything like this is remotely expected from anyone.

What’s your take?

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