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Importance Of Trading Account

Importance Of Trading Account RVCJ Media


Importance Of Trading Account

To begin share market investing, a trading account is a mandatory requirement. Whether you trade online or through an agent, you need to hold a trading account. It is through a trading account that all the transactions are done. Even when a broker places trades on your behalf, the transaction will be processed through your trading account. So, every investor must open it to trade securities. Nowadays, we can easily open it through a share trading app. Each trading comes with a unique ID that shall be utilised for all the transactions. Hence, we shall understand the significance of a trading account. Let’s begin by learning the basic facts regarding it.

What is a Trading Account? And How Does It Work?

A trading account provides a platform to place buy and sell requests for financial securities. It is also a link between the demat and bank account of investors. When an individual wants to purchase a security, he shall place an order from his trading account. Prior to that, he must have the required money in it. An option to add funds is present in trading accounts. The request shall go to the stock exchange via the stockbroker for processing. The due amount will be deducted from the trading account. On successful execution, the trader will receive the security in his Demat account.

Similarly, to sell securities, investors shall place a sell order. After the exchange finds a buyer for it, it will proceed with your order. The concerned security will be transferred to their Demat account and you will get the money in your bank account.

Advantages of Trading Accounts

Here is how a trading account is crucial for those who wish to invest in share markets. Trading accounts bring in the following benefits.

One-Point Access

In any given country, there are multiple stock exchanges. Several hundred securities are listed on them. Yet, all of them may not be listed on a single exchange. It would thus become difficult to trade them. Trading accounts provide a unified platform to find and trade all these securities. The brokers providing them, take it upon themselves to do the job. Trusted financial houses like Kotak Securities offer an immersive platform to trade conveniently. Not only domestic but international markets are accessible through it. The Kotak Stock Trader app is a highly rated app on app stores. It comes with several handy features too. No worries about how to open trading account. The process is fully paperless, involving just a few steps.

Accurate Market Data

Share market investing demands a great deal of authentic and reliable information. We need to assess securities, track their performance, analyze them on different parameters, and much more. For this, accurate data is essential to get proper results. Trading accounts provide all this information in one place. A good share trading app also provides detailed reports and expert opinions too. So, a trading account aids in our trading activities.


Online trading platforms are curated by software experts. They add features that assist investors in trading. The platforms are customised to offer an enhanced experience. Notifications and alerts are their specialties. Investors get in-app, email, and SMS notifications on all important market events. Real-time alerts for investments help in keeping track of our investments. This heightens the convenience levels.

Seamless Transactions

Trading accounts transformed the way securities were traded. It greatly helped in digitizing the entire trading mechanism. Transactions through trading accounts occur in seconds now. The advanced technology used in the platforms makes it quite favorable for us. Transactions occur without any lag, and failure is a rare sight. Adding and withdrawing funds from them is also very easy. All one has to do is link his bank account to get started. Using net banking facilities, credit, debit, or UPI, we can add money to a trading account.


The introduction of app-based trading platforms has made it more convenient to invest. Trading became a flexible job. It doesn’t require us to sit in a fixed place the entire day. We can now trade on the go. With a share trading app, investors can trade from anywhere and anytime. All one needs is a smartphone and an internet connection.


Trading accounts became a talk of the town, ever since online trading grew popular. The share market is buzzing with new investors. A trading account allows investors or traders to place their orders in the share market. Without it, we cannot buy or sell securities. To put it another way, it is impossible to participate in the share market without it. Seamless transactions, a unified platform to track investments and access to market data its key benefits. A trading account thus plays a pivotal role in share market investing.

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