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In The Land Of Shahi Paneer, This Guy Organized A Grand Party For 600 People Without Any Cooked Food


In The Land Of Shahi Paneer, This Guy Organized A Grand Party For 600 People Without Any Cooked Food

Living a healthy life has become quite difficult because of our busy and hectic schedules but there are some people in this world who have embarked on the journey of mission healthy by bringing a change in their lifestyle.

We are going to talk about a retirement party which was held on 2nd February 2020 and where all the dishes served were living food (uncooked) and what will surprise you more is the fact that this party was held in Punjab, the Indian state where people love to indulge in food items which are very much rich in desi ghee and butter.

Punjabis also like to have dairy items such as curd, lassi, cheese and non-vegetarian dishes as well but Deepak Ashwani wanted to make people aware of the benefits of eating living food and his father’s retirement party was a perfect occasion for this purpose. He does not want to serve disease-causing food during this memorable milestone of his father’s retirement. He has also witnessed the unethical practices of artificial insemination, tying baby cows by rope away from mother, etc. in the dairy farms. Deepak believes that the only way to eliminate cruelty on animals is to stop consuming their products. Deepak has not consumed dairy products since 2015. He mostly eats fruits and loves the simplicity and transformational benefits in this lifestyle.

Deepak Ashwani’s father Shri H.R. Ashwani got retired from Rail Coach Factory (famously known as RCF) in Kapurthala (a unit of Indian Railways) after working for 24 years (1996-2020). It wasn’t his first job and retirement as earlier he worked in Indian Air Force since 1979 and retired in 1994. Since 2002, he has also been volunteering as a Yoga teacher in Kapurthala. He has always kept his health as a priority and encouraged thousands of people to stay healthy. That is why, he wholeheartedly supported the idea of using the retirement event as a platform to raise awareness about being healthy by changing your diet and lifestyle.

Deepak wanted to celebrate this big moment of his father’s life in a grand but unique manner. So he decided to organize an open invitation and one of the most unique retirement party to launch Mission Healthy Punjab 2025 which is a campaign focused on making people enhance their well being by increasing their inclination towards a diet aligned to Nature’s laws. Under this campaign, Deepak along with Kheti Virasat Mission helped to organize 13 seminars in total throughout Punjab, reaching about 5000 people directly between 1st & 8th February 2020. This was first of its kind mass awareness series of seminars of this scale in North India about benefits of living food.

The unique retirement party event also included a ‘Be Young, Be Fit’ health transformation seminar by Shri Atul Shah (famously known as Atul Bhai) from Ojas Life, Mumbai, after which the guests got the chance to enjoy delicious Living Food Dinner.

Atul Bhai suggested to the crowd to start transitioning by taking only fruits till 12 noon, 14 hours gap between dinner and breakfast and taking sunlight daily for at least 20 minutes. Ojas Life is a network platform to enhance health and well-being of society. The event was also attended by 21 volunteers from all over the country. Moreover, some people came from Europe as they wanted to learn living food recipes.

Following are the dishes that were served in the Living Food (also known as Raw Vegan) Party and were designed by the members of Ojas Life – Manisha Patel and Ghanshyam Patel:

1. Herbal Tea

2. Turnip Soup

3. Sugarcane Juice

4. Til Halwa

5. Beetroot Halwa

6. Stuffed Tomato

7. Raw Biryani

8. Hara Bhara Kabab

9. Stuffed Capsicum

10. Thai Salad with Raw Papaya

11. Coconut Chutney

Deepak knew that the best way to make people aware of the benefits of living food is to let them experience it first-hand. Those who enjoyed the Living Food Party found it satisfactorily filling and easy to digest, especially in comparison to the cooked food. The expenses of whole party also came out to be much less than a typical party in Punjab full of dairy and fried cooked food.

Deepak Ashwani said that it was definitely a challenge to make everyone accept the idea of living food party but as the mission was to promote healthy lifestyle, they eventually made it possible by collaborative efforts of so many people. He is highly thankful to Ojas Life team, group of dedicated 21 volunteers (who were no less than 50 people workforce to finish the task in hand on time), Dilpreet Singh (for designing unique invitation poster) and Kheti Virasat Mission for believing in this idea and providing their support to organize series of seminars.

Deepak’s father was quite overwhelmed with this noble initiative taken by his son. He said that he would always remember the memorable health seminar as his retirement gift. He also thanked Atul Shah, the team of Ojas Life and the 21 volunteers.

One of the guests Mr. Varinder Kumar Chaudhary mentioned,

“It was really a great Seminar at RCF, Kapurthala, and Living Food was amazing and I do not have words to express my true feeling. You have organized unique and very positive program with Ojas to guide people to adapt Natural lifestyle to make Healthy society. I do not see any other way to give your message to society at such great memorable occasion in your life. You and your father have set an example for others to follow at such occasions. I can really understand your true love for others and to serve the Humanity. Mr. Shah from OJAS team is really a noble person and a great orator who has conveyed his message on Healthy Lifestyle to change the mindset of people. As you know, I am true Nature Lover and already following Natural Farming, Natural Diet, Millets, Natural Lifestyle, practicing Yoga and guiding others to follow the same. But this seminar and raw vegan food is a turning point in my life. I have implemented this lifestyle in my life immediately in true spirit. Thanks for inviting me to such really amazing seminar. It is my honor to support such positive teamwork for the social cause to make Healthy Society. Surely we will take it forward in society to make life full of Happiness. LOVE THE NATURE, LOVE THE HUMANITY.”

Are you also going to organize a Living Food Party in your memorable events in order to increase awareness about the benefits of healthy lifestyle? Feel free to reach out to Deepak to gain tips and deeper dive in organizing such event at [email protected]

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