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India Does Not Require Any Sport Other Than Cricket, At Least This Proves So


India Does Not Require Any Sport Other Than Cricket, At Least This Proves So

Cricket is not only the religion of India, but is unofficially the national sport, (No pun intended). This is indeed not just our thought, in fact if you ask the younger generation, you wont be surprised if they don’t know what is the national sport of India?, Actually do you know what it is? Fine, lets not deviate from the topic.

The concern here aroused because the face of other big sports, (if we can say so) is not only demolishing but have unfortunately extinct. Have you ever heard the name of Rishu Mittal. Nah, !! 🙁 , Sreesanth, Yeah, you have. This is where lies the difference, but why?. Is media on the wrong side, who gives more than required footage to cricketers and other sportsperson are vehemently ignored or is it the government who feels they are of no use and worthless? It is actually shocking when we came to know about Rishu Mittal, a gold medalist in Boxing.

Rishu Mittal, National level boxer ,who won the gold medal in 46kg category in Haryana state Championships and represented the state in the recently concluded National Games in December, has been working as a maid to meet her ends meet. The girl lost her parent, thus taking up lots of responsibilities, and to continue her study in class 10 had to opt for the profession of a house maid, cleaning utensils, moping, etc.

So, in order to pay her school fees, she works as a maid and lives in a shop where her brother also works for peanuts salary.

We guess this is the only way left for sportsperson to survive?
India has lost the sport spirit. Sad Truth.

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