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Indian Student Denied Internship In Germany Coz He Is From Country With Rape Problem !


Indian Student Denied Internship In Germany Coz He Is From Country With Rape Problem !

With the increased number of reported rape cases all over the country that hit the front page of newspapers everyday seem to have degraded Indian reputation in the whole world. It is not only killing the self esteem of Indian daughters but also killing the dreams, aspirations and talents of each and every Indian child, irrespective of boys and girls. Things have become so weird that now Indian students are even seen as a criminal.

Yes, it is true.

Even a student with a glorious academic career is now restricted from getting entry in foreign universities who is willing to pursue higher education. So, it is quite clearly evident that nation’s name and eminence has fall off so badly that it is going beyond redemption now. Things have become so worst and the situations have gone so adverse that now male students are being denied foreign internship as they have come from the country that has a severe problem- yes, a rape problem.

An Indian student who wanted to pursue higher studies was straight denied away an internship at Leipzig University by a professor, believed to be Annette Beck Sickinger, from the Institute of Biochemistry because he is a student, and a male student from the country that having a rape problem:-


That man mailed the professor and got the following reply:-

Here’s another screenshot where you can verify for the domain name of the university:-


And when Huffington Post got in touch with the professor, she changed her statement, mentioning that her lab was full. “I apologize if this caused any misunderstanding, but the e-Mail was taken out of the context. However my lab is full and I currently cannot take any student. This led to an unpleasant discussion with one of the Indian student.” she said.

After the incident, German High Commissioner to India has reacted strongly in this matter and sent an email to professor to correct the view about India:-


Okay. I agree that India has a rape problem, and there are so many people who even don’t bother to restrain the situation, rather blaming women for that. But does that mean every single guy from India has this kind of mentality? Can a student of twenty or twenty one be a rapist? It is the same kind that when a young girl, who was too a student, was pointed as terrorist. So, why blaming only the politicians of India? Your so called learned professors are not lacking behind, I must say.


There are many Indian students or professional have been assaulted and killed without any reason. Ever India restricted arrival of foreign students or visitors saying that countries like US and UK that you have problem of sheltering psycho people?

Rapists are insane but students are the future. Let them grow.

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