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This Is What India’s Potential Smart City In Gujarat Promise, AWESOMENESS OVERLOADED ! !

This Is What India's Potential Smart City In Gujarat Promise, AWESOMENESS OVERLOADED ! ! RVCJ Media


This Is What India’s Potential Smart City In Gujarat Promise, AWESOMENESS OVERLOADED ! !

The idea of having a smart city a decade ago was just merely a dream, but now, it looks more lively than a reality that is all set to introduce itself in front of the rest of the world. Delhi is the national capital of our country, but it is the GUJARAT state which is looking forward to present us the 1st SMART CITY of our country. It is definitely going to be a good GIFT for the citizens of our country.


Surprisingly, this GIFTED City by Gujarat has an interesting name, and that’s ‘GIFT’. Confused ? Well GIFT stands for G-Gujarat, I-International, F-Finance T-Tech. In short Gujarat International Finance Tech City, GIFT. This is the city is being built between AHMADABAD and GANDHINAGAR which will not only be the 1st SMART CITY but the also the living example of a motivation for others to follow.

The city is being built on a total area of 886 acres of land (346 hectares) under a joint venture of Gujarat Urban Development Company and Infrastructure Leasing and Financial Services. The work progress is in its full pace and fortunately enough, the first phase has already been executed with 4,000 people working in it.


Currently, there have been enormous investments for the development of this project and more than Rs 1,000 crore have been put into it. According to Ajay Pandey, Managing Director of Gift City, when the entire planned built-up area of 62 million square feet will be completed, their infrastructure investment alone will become around Rs 5,000-6,000 crores.

So here are some key features which will be GIFTED to the residents of GIFT CITY.

1. The city will be charming with 110 skyscrapers (big towers). Out of these 110, 2 towers of 122 meters height with 28 floors each are already ready. This city will house offices of the financial and IT sectors, international finance, trade offices, along with residential and social facilities.


2. It will furnish Metro rail and Bus Rapid Transport Service from Gandhinagar and Ahmadabad. There will be four major stations inside which will ensure a walking distance of no more than 500 meters from any building.

3. This project has also been included in Multi-services Special Economic Zone and an International Financial Services Centre. It has been given the honor of being a future Global Financial and IT Hub which is the first of its kind in India in the league of London, Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong.


4. After the project comes into existence into this practical world, it is estimated that it will create 5,00,000 direct and an equal number of indirect jobs for Indian citizens.

The reason why we are calling it a SMART CITY . . .

1. Every single building in this city will be connected with Envac’s automated waste collection system and recyclable segregation plant. Envac is a Sweden company which is the pioneer of automated waste collection systems for waste, street litter and soiled hospital linen. This technology transports waste underground, from a series of waste inlets to a collection station, through a closed pipe network.


2. This city will be enhanced with water taps offering safe and pure drinkable water. It is possible because of the advanced water treatment plants with a capacity of 15 million liters per day. The source of with water supplies is from the Narmada river.

3. The city will be comprising of a cooling plant in which water will be chilled to 4 degrees Celsius, and then supplied through underground pipes to buildings, resulting in low noise and vibrations, improved air quality and 30 percent reduction in costs compared to conventional options.

4. The infrastructures will include data centers, public wi-fi, smart lights, arterial and sub-arterial roads, elevated walkways and travelators.


5. The residence area will have 25,000 smart-homes with intelligent functions for lighting, cooling and ventilation.

6. The City will ensure 99.999 percent power reliability with outages of no more than 5.3 minutes in a year, thanks to a 66 KV substation. Solar power will also be generated.


The total cost for building this dream city or more precisely the SMART CITY is estimated to be whopping Rs 70,000 crore by 2022-24 ($11.1 billion). This city is going to be the stepping stone of India’s redevelopment process which we all dreamt off. What are your views about this project. Please share your opinions in the comment section below.

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