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Intense Fight Between Deepak-Urvashi & Saba-Somi For Captaincy. Video Is Not To Be Missed

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Intense Fight Between Deepak-Urvashi & Saba-Somi For Captaincy. Video Is Not To Be Missed

Bigg Boss is back with its twelfth season and we must say that contestants appear to be very interesting from the first day itself. It’s Singles vs Jodis this season and there is no denying the fact that many contestants seem to be quite strong despite the fact that there have been nearly 20 days only for the show to start.

People are simply loving this season and all the credit goes to amazing tasks that are making it more controversial as well as contestants who are keeping us hooked to our television screens.

Recently Bigg Boss house saw the breakup of a very popular Jodi that made headlines for weird reasons! Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about Bhajan Samrat Anup Jalota and his 37 years younger girlfriend Jasleen. As the girl couldn’t complete the nomination task of saving herself and Anup from nominations and chose her clothes, makeup and hair over him, he made up mind of parting ways with her and announced their break-up on the show itself.

We also saw how Deepak sacrificed his hair and went bald to save Urvashi in the same kidnapping task in which Jodis emerged as winners. This simply means that the next captain of the house will be one of the Jodis and it has once again created an atmosphere of tension inside the house.

A promo released on the micro-blogging site Twitter suggests that Jodis are divided on Deepak-Urvashi and Saba-Somi and as many are supporting Deepak-Urvashi, Saba and Somi appear to be miffed and upset.

They are furious with other Jodis for supporting Deepak and Urvashi as according to them, they deserve to be the captains because they are not less from anyone in any manner since they complete tasks, interact with everyone, etc. However when it is the turn for other Jodis to support them, they always seek an excuse for not doing so and others are made captains.

They also gave an example when Kriti and Roshmi got the chance in their place and express grief over majority choosing Deepak-Urvashi this time. Deepak is also left disturbed with all the arguments and fights. He couldn’t stop himself from crying and says that he doesn’t want captaincy.

Watch The Video:

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Let’s see what interesting twists and turns this episode takes.

Whom do you want to see as the next captains of the house? Let us know your opinion.

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