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Interesting Things About Your 9 Favorite Brands That You Didn’t Know


Interesting Things About Your 9 Favorite Brands That You Didn’t Know

Building a good venture and handling it properly is a very back-breaking task. Once you gain the trust of the customers maintaining the same type service that your customers liked needs a very well strategized plan. The strategists plan out simple yet very effective steps that would help a business grow. There are businesses which dominate the global world, and they have some really interesting features which help them gain so much love from the customers.

Want to know about them? Read ahead.


Mark Zuckerberg is partially color blind he suffers from red and green color blindness. Today many businesses choose the color blue as their theme. Mark chose this color because he could only see the blue color. We had so many assumptions behind choosing blue as the theme color, but the secret is unveiled.


If you have ever been to Starbucks, you must have noticed that they have round tables. We did not pay much heed to this and thought that it is just another feature that Starbucks has installed to have a different look. But read on to know the reason behind the round tables. Starbucks believes that roundtables will make the customers feel homely. They made sure that you feel comfortable if you visit alone.


Coca-cola is my drug whenever I am out, sad, happy, working, tired, etc. I love sipping a glass of chilled coke. The brand is loved worldwide, but there is a very funny instance when Coca-Cola launched in China. The in-charges had a hard time when they were transliterating Coca-Cola. One term meant “female horse fastened with wax” while the other was “bite the wax tadpole.” Finally, they settled on ke kou ke le which means Delicious Happiness.



The employees of Amazon have to follow a special rule. An employee after completing two years in the firm has to work at the customer service department for two days to get a better understanding of the customer service process. The CEO Jeff Bezos too has to do this.


In 1940, when the first outlet of McDonald’s opened there were only nine specific items on the menu like golden French fries, cheeseburger, coffee, cola, etc.


This is the weirdest of all. The owner of Chesebrough Manufacturing Company, Robert Augustus Chesebrough followed a ritual daily. He consumed a spoon of Vaseline every day because he had a lot of confidence in his product. He died at the age of 96, and till then he religiously followed this.


Lamborghini, SEAT, Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Porsche, and Škoda we all love these brands. The ultra-modern and the luxury cars that come under these brands are worth spending a fortune for. They are so classy. But did you know that all these brands are owned by Volkswagen? Jhatka? This is true dear readers.


Siri is one of the coolest features of the Apple phones. Talking to Siri is so fun but whatever you say to Siri everything is recorded and kept with Apple to analyze and revise the customer service.


When the founders launched Google, they named it BackRub but later they changed it to Google. The word Google is a version of Googol which is a representation of a mathematical term.

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