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International Yoga Day – 15 Facts About Yoga That Everyone Needs To Know

International Yoga Day - 15 Facts About Yoga That Everyone Needs To Know RVCJ Media


International Yoga Day – 15 Facts About Yoga That Everyone Needs To Know



2a_5Read the numerous medical research papers of Yoga on-line at US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health

Type “yoga” and search more at  :


Patanjali yoga sutra compiled by Rishi Patanjali somewhere between 1,700 and 2,200 years ago (around 400 CE), It has 196 sutras, only 4-5 sutras demonstrated about physical yoga (Ashanas) 190 sutras are all about controlling mind and purifying soul. (Chitta-Vritti)

Rishi Patanjali’s name associated with modern age yoga is complete misused.



US ARMY & Yoga, YAA – Yoga Across Americaa_8

“Yoga for American Soldiers,” is saving lives and healing the traumas of soldiers who are returning home with from war. YAA is sharing yoga, meditation and breathing exercises to active duty soldiers and veterans.

6a_9 “On the third day of meditation, I began to feel calm. 
And then and there, for the first time in my life, I was really ready to deal with me. A lot of guys was afraid to deal with Big Ed. And now I was ready to take him on, right there on that meditation mat.”

Vipassana meditation used effectively to calm prisoners in many Jails across the world.

7a_10Read more about : Tummo


Contrast to one day YOGA !!a_11Tibetan Meditation Box Retreat that the monk or a nun may undertake an intensive sitting meditation retreat in the course of 3 years, 3 months 3 days, to be positioned in a wooden box which is about 1 meter in diameter, for around 20 hours per day, including the night and do nothing else but meditate except for 2 meals.

9a_12 10a_13Buddhist Monk Displays “Unheard Of” Brain Activity While Meditation


Dr. Konstantin Korotkova_14He developed bio electrographic camera, which captures bio-electric energy of organs. With this camera he experimented and published research papers on “Yogi Chakras” of a person in meditation : Dr. Konstantin Korotkov

a_14aThe camera captures soul escaping at moment of death

The photograph document the human soul (blue) exiting the body at the exact moment of death. The images show the soul easing from the body before the patient’s image becomes red. Notice that initially the mid rift is sapped of life force, the head follows, and then finally the heart and groin area lose their energy and the soul has fled the deceased person’s body



Bhagavad Gita Chapter 6, Verse 16a_16Yoga is certainly not at all for one, who eats a lot, or for one who does not eat or for one who sleeps or is awake a lot.


Chapter 6, Verse 17a_17For someone who is balanced in eating and recreation, who is balanced in conducting actions, who is balanced and wakefulness, yoga becomes the destroyer of pain.

15a_18Yoga is fearless, is illuminating, and is a journey that doesn’t end with death.

Article compiled by  : Cartoonist Mayank

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