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Interviewer Asked The Guy To Sell Him His Tie. His Out Of The Box Answer Got Him A Job


Interviewer Asked The Guy To Sell Him His Tie. His Out Of The Box Answer Got Him A Job

Job interviews get tricky a lot of times and it becomes tough to crack them. But more than the QnA’s it’s the pressure that drains your performance and leads to disappointment.

Those who are full of self-confidence and don’t let the pressure of the situation ruin it, make it among the winners. A question asked on the Quora and its answer is a real-life example about how the presence of mind can help you crack an interview.

The Question is-

What are some interesting questions asked in an interview?

A guy named Chandan Trehan replied to the question from a slice of his life. He narrated an interview story which is worth sharing and really motivating for people. Read below-

This is an excerpt from one of my interviews:-

I can’t say this is the best response, but fortunately it worked for me.


I-Interviewer: semi formally dressed, in a dark colored blazer, white shirt and a beige colored pant.

M-Myself, immaculately dressed in a full suit with a tie.


I:(almost 30 minutes into the interview)-You seem to be wearing a nice tie. See I don’t wear a tie. Sell me your tie.

M: May I please take 30 seconds to think about the answer?

I:(smiling) – sure take a minute, but it better be worth the wait.

after almost 50-55 seconds

M: Sir as a National Head, you must be having a lot of meetings to attend daily rite?

I: (jubilantly)- Yeah! sometimes my whole day goes in meetings.

M: Sir, as per a research 9 out of 10 people** believe that dressing is an integral part of ones life. and 8 out of 10 people** believe that being properly dressed in formals, makes people take you more seriously in a meeting as compared to casual dressing.

A full Formal clothing is incomplete without a tie. And, Sir… you know something interesting and special about a tie?

I: What?

M: A good tie may or may not give a great impression, but a poor quality tie certainly does a lot of harm to one’s impression.

I: (Laughs)

M: Sir, I present to you a tie from company X (X is the name of the company I was interviewing for). I’m sure you know and believe in the quality of products manufactured by X.

I:(Sighs)-Are you using my companies brand name to sell me this tie?

M: Sir, I’m leveraging the quality impression that X carries.


M: Sir, we did a small survey with the people who do not like wearing a tie, 6 out of 10 people** believe that it takes a lot of time to tie a knot. Thus our tie-s come pre-knotted, all you kneed to do is put your head in the loop and adjust it on your neck.

Another common complain that the users in this survey had was the discomfort, thus our tie is ergonomically designed with a thick loop and ultra light weight, you will not feel anything around your neck.

I: OK! it sounds good, how much does it cost?

M: Sir, there is a massive discount as a part of our sales promotion scheme for high priority customers. Its available at INR 1500 only.

I: (lifting his eye-brows) That is too much.

M: Well, I forgot mentioning that it comes with a gold plated tie-pin with brand X embossed on its upper surface.

I: (Laughs out loud)- Stop selling my company to me, fine I’ll buy your tie. Thank you.

M: Thank you for the purchase sir! I can guarantee you will never regret it. I’ll however like to come back in a week to check on its performance.

I: (Smiling), You are always welcomed!


Well that was really clever.

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