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IPL Final Timings Changed & It Will Not Start At 8 PM. This Is The New Time


IPL Final Timings Changed & It Will Not Start At 8 PM. This Is The New Time

Till last year, the timing of IPL final match was 8pm, however, there’s a change this year. Reports say that Rajeev Shukla, the chairman of IPL, has changed the timing of IPL 2018 playoffs and final to 7pm.

Earlier too, IPL broadcasters had suggested to start the matches at 7 pm but it didn’t work out. Shukla stated that the games will start early considering those fans who come to stadiums for watching the match.

When the game starts late i.e. 8 pm, it finishes late and makes it hectic for students and office-goers, who have to cope with busy schedules the following day. Even people who watch the matches at home face the same issue.

As per News18,

“The IPL is what it is because of its fans and the tournament has over the years been followed avidly both on the ground and on television at homes. So, keeping the interest of the fans in mind, it was decided that the play-off games and the final will start an hour earlier. So, instead of the 8pm start, the games will start at 7pm.”

He also said,

“It gets difficult not only for those at the stadium, but also for those watching on television as students and office-goers also need to get back to their respective stuff next morning and it helps if the game starts an hour earlier.”

This time is definitely going to be beneficial for fans, don’t you think so?

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