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IRS Officer Had A Golden Reply To Troller Who Asked Him, “How Many Crore Dowry In Marriage?”


IRS Officer Had A Golden Reply To Troller Who Asked Him, “How Many Crore Dowry In Marriage?”

Social media platforms have become a great place to share the special moments of our lives and nowadays people are more open in terms of sharing the updates of personal and professional lives on the Internet.

Recently, an IRS (Indian Revenue Services) officer named Vikas Prakash Singh got married to the love of his life and shared the photos of his wedding ceremony on the micro-blogging site Twitter.

Vikas is quite active on social media sites and keeps on posting pics on these platforms regularly because of which he has become popular among netizens, especially those who aspire to work as a civil servant.

Vikas Prakash Singh shared the images of his marriage with the caption, “Got married to the Love of my life, on Sunday the 23rd.”

While the majority of followers congratulated him for starting the new phase of his life, there was one guy who asked a pretty weird question, “How many crore dowry?”

At such a question, anybody would have got miffed and lost his cool but the response given by the IRS officer was certainly a great one as he told the hater that when he will get married, he will understand that getting the wife is a big thing in love marriage, leave aside dowry.

Vikas Prakash Singh’s reply read, “Jab karoge tab samajh aayega ki Love Marriage mein biwi milna hee badi baat hai”.

Another online user asked him whether he fell in love first or made his career and in response, Vikas stated that he tried it parallel but he also added a disclaimer that it is not a piece of advice and he should try it at his own risk.

The IRS officer Vikas Prakash Singh certainly has a good sense of humour! What do you say?

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