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Is ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Fixed?

Is ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Fixed? RVCJ Media


Is ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Fixed?

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 has now kicked off. This is the 11th Cricket World Cup. This time it is jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand. The matches will be played in different grounds of the two countries from 14th February to 29th March. But is the winner preplanned? I meant to say are all the matches previously fixed? Is the winner already fixed for the sake of advertisers? A WhatsApp message got viral stating that the winner has already been fixed. We don’t know the authenticity of the WhatsApp message but we felt like sharing. So we’re sharing this.

World Cup 2015 fixed winners –

The winner of each match is given in the brackets.

14/2: Nz vs Sl (Nz) Aus vs Eng (Aus)

15/2: Rsa vs Zim (Rsa) Ind vs Pak (ind)

16/2: Ire vs Wi (Ire)

17/2: Nz vs Sco (Nz)

18/2: Ban vs Afg (Ban)

19/2: Uae vs Zim (Zim)

20/2: Nz vs Eng (Nz)

21/2: Pak vs Wi (Pak) Aus vs Ban (Aus)

22/2: Afg vs Sl (Sl) Ind vs Rsa (Rsa)

23/2: Eng vs Sco (Eng)

24/2: Wi vs Zim (Wi)

25/2: Ire vs Uae (Ire)

26/2: Afg vs Sco (Afg) Ban vs Sl (Srl)

27/2: Rsa vs Wi (Rsa)

28/2: Nz vs Aus (Nz) Ind vs Uae (Ind)

1/3: Eng vs Sl (Eng) Pak vs Zim (Pak)

2/3: Ire vs Rsa (Rsa)

4/3: Pak vs Uae (Uae) Aus vs Afg (Aus)

5/3: Ban vs Sco (Ban)

6/3: Ind vs Wi (Ind)

7/3: Pak vs Rsa (Rsa) Ire vs Zim (Zim)

8/3: Nz vs Afg (Nz) Aus vs Sl (Aus)

9/3: Eng vs Ban (Eng)

10/3: Ind vs Ire (Ind)

11/3: Sl vs Sco (Sl)

12/3: Rsa vs Uae (Rsa)

13/3: Nz vs Ban (Nz), Afg vs Eng (Eng)

14/3: Ind vs Zim (Zim) Aus vs Sco (Aus)

15/3: Wi vs Uae (Wi) Ire vs Pak (Pak)

QF 1: Nz vs Ind (Ind)

QF 2: Aus vs Zim (Aus)

QF 3: Eng vs Rsa (Rsa)

QF 4: Sl vs Pak (Sl)

SF 1: Aus vs Ind (Aus)

SF 2: Srl vs Rsa (Rsa)

Final: Aus vs Rsa (Rsa)

Aus = Australia, Ind = India, Sl = Sri Lanka, Rsa = South Africa, Pak = Pakistan, Wi = West Indies, Uae = United Arab Emirates, Sco = Scotland, Eng = England, Ban = Bangladesh, Ire = Ireland,  Afg = Afghanistan, Nw = New Zealand, Zim = Zimbabwe.

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